Walk with Jo and Thoreau Quote: Deal with brute nature. Be cold, hungry, and weary.

Hello Readers – 

Today’s post is to connect with Restless Jo’s Monday Walk Series (here) 

First we have our doggies with their owners:

“Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snows in the fields and woods, if you would keep your spirits up. Deal with brute nature. Be cold and hungry and weary.”     ~Henry David Thoreau 


Next up on our short walk today – 

looking down we see this mask. 


Isn’t this the sign of our times – a beautiful artsy masked – dropped and trampled on. However – the person that lost this mask this likely has half a dozen more. 


Care to pull up a seat and pause on our walk? 

Last two photos for today:


Care yo join in with Jo’s Monday walks? Go HERE for general info and Go HERE for a recent walk post to see more walks; #Monday Walk

#Pull Up a Seat Week 9

Have a great day!







34 thoughts on “Walk with Jo and Thoreau Quote: Deal with brute nature. Be cold, hungry, and weary.

    1. Hi Ally – thanks for the comment and let’s keep on walking in spite of weather – although I skipped a few walks this month because it was either too rainy or just cold miserable and no bueno – hahah have my limits I guess

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  1. Those dog walkers sometimes outnumber us around here. Seems ages since we walked on a beach and it’s possible we won’t be able to do so till Easter. All that fresh air going to waste 🙄💕 Thanks Yvette! I walked swiftly to keep out the cold 🤣💕

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  2. Pawtacular! We also have Monday Walk videos on our IG account. We love to brace the cold on our walkies & are often hungry & weary on our way back😉
    We go out in all weather every day of the year except if I have had a seizure; then of course I must rest & recover 🐾💜🐾

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  3. Hmm, thought that dog was one of Lady Gaga’s. 🙂 How about the woman who found them and is now $500,000 richer???!! It would be perfect for a story if she were actually connected to the men who stole the dogs and they were all splitting the money. Yes, I probably read too many mysteries. 🙂

    People who dump their masks, usually the industrial kind not artsy ones, really make me irritated but then so do all people who litter. People who bag their dog poop and then leave it rank right up there too. If you bag it and leave it, it’s almost worse than just leaving it because it won’t ever rot!

    I actually was going to say that I’ve “been there, done that” regarding what Thoreau said but it’s obvious he never lived in the desert. 🙂 Here it would me “Take long walks in the early morning or late evening during the summer. Battle heat (but only with a goodly supply of water). Watch out for rattlesnakes and cactus spines as you do battle. ”


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    1. hi janet!
      love the arizona version of Thoreau’s quote. so fitting for your area
      and we are seeing less and less disposable masks and plastic gloves trashed everywhere – it seems like last summer had a lot.
      and agree about not leaving bags of any kind of trash around – especially dog stuff ! ugh

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  4. The Thoreau quote transports me to the many snowy places I visit through the BlogCommunity. It is also a poignant reminder of how things are right now: “Deal with brute nature”. Very raw and satisfying – thanks Yvette!


  5. These are all enjoyable-looking venues for walks. That is a shame about the mask. I love this quote Yvette: “Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snows in the fields and woods, if you would keep your spirits up. Deal with brute nature. Be cold and hungry and weary.” ~Henry David Thoreau

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    1. hi linda – that quite sure does fit your walking MO!
      and i liked it for the way it could apply to other areas of life too / a reminder that we are tough and made to endure some “bad weather” and also – it can be good for the human psyche to maybe have to endure a cold walk and being hungry has benefits
      — i guess in a day and age where so many have these autoimmune disorders and heavy moods – too often they are given drugs when some (not all) need to get off sugar and chemical food (that feeds some immune problems) and need to move their body more

      and during this whole pandemic the CDC and other places are advocating masks and distancing and nothing about rebuilding the bioterrain
      was it mentioned what vitamin c does to viruses? or other things to make the body strong?
      anyhow / thanks for putting the quote back in the comment because it helped me to take a liter more from it –

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      1. You are right – the CDC and doctors should have advised one year ago that we have to keep ourselves healthy by what we put into our mouth, encouraging us to eat more fruits, veggies, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep to keep our immune system healthy and humming along. You’re welcome Yvette – I really like it!


  6. I’m not sure those seats are socially distanced;)
    Walks do make a great contribution to our mental health. I am so glad that my “girls” get me out of doors for a while every day. Even when it is cold and blustery.
    My “girls” are both senior citizens in dog years. But they are very cute dogs who love people. Sometimes I am greatly cheered by how much other people respond to them. I feel like we do a community service spreading joy.


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