Guitar Hotel Photos and Anvil Quotes (#WQWWC March 3rd, 2021)

The Always Write quote challenge has the theme of Citizenship this week.
My thoughts for this week were inspired by two different photos of the Guitar Hotel in South Florida. 
The first photo has many power lines – the second photo has none.
 So interesting. 
The change in a few yards is drastic. 
The dichotomy in photos of the hotel reminded me of this John Florio (1591) couplet about two functions of anvils.  
Anvils can hold you still – or they can be used to strike your fill!
Isn’t citizenship in a democracy like this – a dichotomy at times?
And then there is a time to anchor in and thrive in a democratic society or a time to make a stand to protect that democracy we value so much.
 Keep it strong – aligned – and healthy.  
Sometimes being a citizen means we use our power to act – other times we are anchored and “held still” and stabilize as we reap the fruits of what others have done to pave the way for us (so much to be grateful for).

Care to join in with #WQWWC? Here are the March Themes:

  • March 3: Citizenship
  • March 10: Family
  • March 17: Spring – Guest Host – Frank from Beach Walk Reflections
  • March 24: Leisure
  • March 31: Travel

Photos taken 2020   

Hope your week is going well.







15 thoughts on “Guitar Hotel Photos and Anvil Quotes (#WQWWC March 3rd, 2021)

  1. I like the pictures of power lines. I think they are good subject for taking pictures. I also just happened to taking a look at a couple of pictures I took a long time ago of power lines from Fl. too.

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  2. First, what we write in poetry or prose can be meaningful now, and hundreds of years from now. John Florio proves that. A thoughtful, thought-provoking post. THANK you. (P.S. And I so prefer the landscape with no power lines. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could all be underground?)


  3. The difference between the two photos with and without the lines seems a bit like life. Depending on the perspective taken. A life event can look completely different based on how we look at it.


  4. Interesting photos, Yvette, especially within a few yards. A thought-provoking quote and even more significant how it was written in 1591. The anvil moments are especially relevant this weekend. Bracing against the shock….and two qualities, patience and strength. I will never look at an anvil the same.


  5. Hi Yvette, I just found your beautiful post scrolling down from your last post. I don’t know why it didn’t show up as a pingback, but I just checked again, and it wasn’t there. I’m so sorry I missed it. It’s expresses what we as citizens can do perfectly. I have definitely been both the anvil and the hammer. I prefer being the hammer, though. I hate being out of control. So, on one side the powerlines dominate the scene. We had a major dispute a couple of years ago about where to put up powerlines in the Visalia area. Since Elderwood is super rural with a population of about 200, and Visalia has about 150,000, you can imagine which was the anvil and which was the hammer. There are no power lines along the freeway from Visalia up to the Sequoia National Park. But many of our farming neighbors have the poles in their back yards. It would be super interesting to see what the story is on these lines. 🙂 Thanks for joining in #WQWWC. I will put a link on my page and on my post for March 24th. 🙂 Hugs


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