Monday Morning Blooms & Sunset Across the Landscape (March 22, 2021)

Hello Readers, 

I hope this post finds everyone well. I am taking a blog break for the rest of March and plan on resuming regular Priorhouse posts in April when Becky’s Squares begin. Looking forward to it!

Those little yellow blooms had such  nice scent. Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge #FOTD and Sunday Stills green theme. 


The next photos for my check in post are from a few years ago. This was a day we had a refreshing change of scenery and so I am connecting with Wandering Dawgs for the Lens-Artist Challenge with this flashback. You see ,  I helped my mother make the drive up north (when she used to still make the drive, now she only flies). Anyhow, on this day in June, we happened to be driving on the longest day of the year.

The colors were beautiful, the drive was smooth (no traffic, good weather, etc.). At times, it was a bit surreal driving into what felt like the length of a very long day where darkness seemed like it would never arrive.  We drive through an Indian reservation, a ski resort area, and we saw an owl drop down into a tree

Most of our road trips over the years have been great. However – a couple of them have been terrible. Like the miserable drive to Jasper, Georgia one year. Blah! So this special trip – with a great change of scenery and such beauty was a bit of a gift. The visual beauty – but also the chatting, laughing, and stopping for food and stretching. And then having it be this elongated day makes me still SMILE to think of it (linked to Trent’s weekly smile).

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Some music from an awesome guy I worked with back in the 1990s- a great musician – Jeffrey Rose – and the hubs and I enjoyed the release party for this CD back in 1997 – check out his tasty piano music: 


Here is a page from one of the books I read last fall. I love the idea of our minds developing wings.

Okay, that is all for my check in.  

Thanks to BB and Marsha for checking in on me. And sorry to “ghost” on ya – hahah


See you in early April to join in with the  Square Photo Challenge – when the Life of B gets that going.


Do you have any takeaways from your current capturing, writing or reading?

Anything else going on?

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25 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blooms & Sunset Across the Landscape (March 22, 2021)

  1. Hey Yvette, I’ve been wondering where you were. It’s good to see you here. Or maybe I have missed some of your posts.
    Great pictures. Enjoy you blog break!💖


  2. Hi Yvette, I noticed you were not posting anything the last few weeks and I respect your privacy and personal space. It is fun to share flashbacks and recall the memories and photos of prior moments. Like you say, a road trip is a lot of fun for many reasons. The page from Ingredients of Theory is an interesting perspective. Even the terms “concrete events” is open to interpretation. You remind me of a book I have read recently “How to Astronaut: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth” by Terry Virts. Parts of this book segue to the topics you have brought up, individual interpretation of reality, coming from scientists looking down on our planet. Yvette, I am sending you a PM via your Contact form.🙂


  3. Sometimes those super long June days are the best, and I’m sure it was a beautiful drive and a special time to share with your mom. For some reason I thought of a time I flew to see my parents – almost due west of me. The plan took off right when the sun was starting to set and it landed 500 miles away right when the sun finished setting, so it was an hour and a half long sunset!

    Hope your week is going well so far and that you have a wonderful rest of your week!


  4. I’ve been thinking about you and thought I haven’t seen you post in a little while! That’s cool, everyone needs a break now and again! Great post!! Love the blooms and the piano music was great!! Thanks for sharing! It all made me SMILE!! 🤠🤩


  5. You sound upbeat so I take it there isn’t a problem, Yvette, Hope not! 🙂 🙂 Lovely sunset pics and a good bit of philosophy. Enjoy the break!


  6. Enjoyed your music and the photo/passage. I wondered where you where but you had a busy month of posting in February so I figured you were on a blogging break and now you really are. Enjoy that blogging break – I know you said they are necessary sometimes. I’ve stepped back a little by only posting twice a week and it was needed, but I still find it difficult to keep up in Reader. Tonight I am in Reader before responding to comments.


  7. I’m enjoying the music as I read and write. I love the story about your mom. Precious moments! Your greens are perfect for spring, Yvette. Intellectually, I’m not doing too much. I read one of Sue Vincent’s books that she sent me then went to Amazon and bought it so I can review it. I’m also reading Liesbet’s The Plunge which I promoed a while back. Enjoy your last few days off blogging! See you in April.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It must have been lovely for you to take a trip down memory lane and see these photos once again, Y. Sounded like a lovely summer road trip on the longest day of the year, very cruisy and the best kind of drives. The sky looked so beautiful on this trip. Wish I could go on a road trip right now. Though things are doing alright there in Australia, playing it safe and staying put for now. Hope you had a good March break, Y 🙂


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