Rose & Teal (Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 6-7-2021)

The theme this week for the Lens-Artists photo challenge is to depict “large to small” with specific colors (here)


Starting off with a rose-colored palette 

color swatch rose

First, a large paved area provides a nice design. The small rose-colored pavers combine to make a large, paved space.

june6-rose-pavers-small dog

Next, this large chair mimics what should be smaller (also linked to pull up a seat)

june6-rose- large chair scale

And this small painting lets us feel the blue sky and wind on what is likely a medium-large vessel 

june6 rose teal blue sail bpat by lisa audit

Now, the spent hibiscus bloom to the lower right has the rosy color I was going for. And do you see that bloom to the center left? That is how I felt earlier this spring – tuckered out — but also getting ground support. 

june6=rose- hibiscus flower drooping


Teal-colored palette 

color swatch teal

Let’s start off with the large beams painted in teal (with a hint of that lighter rose on the right). Also, some of the graffiti is teal.

This photo depicts an abandoned furniture store on U.S. 1, near Route 528, on the east coast of Florida. I had the chance to do a quick photo shoot there. I went out of my way to stop because it could be torn down soon. (Note: The photo below has a bit of color editing – I muted the bright yellow ceiling – so we could feel the teal more.)june6-teal- old structure fl

From large to medium  – now we have words on stairs. These stairs come to us from Richmond, VA (the canal walk) but don’t they look like they could be from that old Florida furniture store? 

june6-stairs teal lovce more wordss

Let’s see those teal words close up – “LOVE MORE”  – yeah… –  let it sink in – let’s choose to love more and let go of competitiveness – Let’s celebrate more of who we are and let’s relish the basic stuff more. 

june6-stairs teal lovce more words close up

This last photo. Can you guess what it is? NO, it is not Dawn dish soap like I had in a different post.   This is different. Can you guess? 

june6-teal-plant food manure miracle grow and granules

Okay, so that bright teal in the upper corner – is Miracle Grow plant food. Did you guess that? Those small, teal granules sure do a lot for plants. I have gardened without the blue food – but plants do so much better when we use a little bit of it each week. Also, in the above photo, you will see two other nutrient sources. To the right we have granules that dissolve over time. They are added monthly (or bimonthly). The bottom has Black Cow brand manure. So potent. You can add it to the soil or you could add some manure to a bucket, fill it with water, and let it sit for a few hours. This makes “compost tea” and you pour the liquid into the soil and plants lap it up. 

When I was enriching the soil last month, I grabbed a quick photo of the different nutrient sources because (as usual) I was having garden analogies come my way.  On that day, the idea I had was that we humans might forget that we need diverse nutrients to thrive and grow.  Sadly, during the pandemic, we heard very little (from the powers that be) about immune system fortification and about the way supplements help fortify human health. The “over emphasis” on the mask wearing seemed to ignore other things (sorry – just my personal opinion). they ignored the terrain of the body and fortifying it accordingly. Not too surprised because main stream medicine still lets sick patients consumer sugar and chemicals, which pull from immune function and a strong terrain. I won’t be long-winded on this – but we do NOT hear enough about fortifying the immune system and there are so many little things that we humans can do to help our health (and to become hard to kill). Gut health, laugh more, good ol’ Vitamin C, getting in some good fats and oils, movement, and exposure to sunshine to make D3. if you want to read more – go HERE (the terrain of the body is all)  and HERE – (read the part about minerals).


Had to come back here and add a tidbit about “movement” from Cindy’s blog. She frequently writes about the need to make sure we modern humans are moving enough (because as an astute health coach she knows everyone needs reminders about this vey simple yet potent thing we can do for health). I almost linked her when I created this post – but did not want the ending to be all heavy with links and read more here notes… anyhow, after reading her super fun Monday post (with a feature of The Bangles Manic Monday song) I had to include a snippet:

Cindy wrote:

“I like to post some kind of workout video around the first Monday of the month to remind everyone, me included, just how important movement is in our lives for our bodies, mind and spirit. It sounds so cliche I know but it’s truly vital to our well being.”

Seriously, if you feel the post pandemic weeks are bringing a huge transition – or whatever might be going on in your life – moving your body offers many benefits to the body, mind, and spirit. 

Get that body moving. 


Thanks for your visit today and thanks to Patti for hosting.


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33 thoughts on “Rose & Teal (Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 6-7-2021)

  1. I love your rose and teal theme, the photos are GREAT!! Super fun post that you shared! From large to small and then the colors you chose, I just Love it! Have a great week! ❤️ ~ D

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hi laurie! now that you mention it – their can be crazy colored fungi and that was a super good guess – and i have removed fungus in a box before so it reminds me of that too – 🍄


  2. Love that oversized chair, Yvette. I have to laugh when I read things about enriching soil, growing verdant gardens, etc. and think how they don’t apply (at least in the same way) to where we live. Just getting to the “soil” is like digging through cement. 🙂 Not saying you can’t enrich the soil, but you also can’t grow in such profusion or at the same time as other places. It’s just the desert with its own challenges and rewards.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi janet! whew – you sure are right about different regions – and i have never tried to garden where you are but i imagine a lot of stones and rock patches with drought tolerant plants would be all i would do.
      we are zone 7 and have a pleasant four seasons for the very informal, easy gardening done around here


  3. Nicely done, Yvette. I dig the contrast of these colors you chose as well, from blush to passionate to cool and serene. And I guessed Tide Pods . . I am sorry. 😉


    1. Hi – the tide pods sound interesting – ha and good guess! also – really liking the words you put together “from blush to passionate to cool and serene…”

      Liked by 1 person

  4. love the color burst in pictures Yvette!❣️
    I have those red chairs sitting at my lake so inviting as well.

    Can’t agree with you more:👏👏👏👏

    “I won’t be long-winded on this – but we do NOT hear enough about fortifying the immune system and there are so many little things that we humans can do to help our health (and to become hard to kill). Gut health, laugh more, good ol’ Vitamin C, getting in some good fats and oils, movement, and exposure to sunshine to make D3.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cindy – those over-sized Adirondack chairs are popping everywhere along the east coast – many have business names for photo ops (well not everywhere – but I have seen at least five and decided to get a photo of this one)
      and I almost linked you (yet again) with the “movement” note in that passage you noted in your comment – like seriously I almost linked you up twice – that video you recently made reminding your readers about the power of movement for brain health and mood wellness – with your splash of personal story) – but I decided not to link it because the ending two links were already a bit much – anyhow, to see your comment noting that brought a smile – thanks for taking the time to read it all too – ha!
      and I might jut go back in and add a link to your post – hmmm

      Liked by 1 person

  5. An interesting challenge. I couldn’t do it. I’m slightly colour blind. Some greens and browns just look alike to me. And some nuances of other colours I can’t really tell.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great choices, Yvette. You really incorporated some very creative elements like the Miracle Gro in teal!! I love that. It was a great choice. I don’t have a garden now, but your photos brought back vivid memories of that unique garden helper! I also love the inclusion of the color swatches. Great idea! I enjoyed your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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