Thursday Doors from Richmond, Virginia

Time for Thursday Doors and today we have door photos from Richmond, Virginia.

Starting with the old wrap-around porch and center we have the simple screen door -and left back we have a door with that older double-window.

doors-porch-old va screen door sign

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to have a small scraping tool to remove the chipped paint and prep this house for a new paint job. I also wonder who sat on this porch in its glory days.  The time before there was air conditioning – you know, when a porch like this provided relief from the heat. Maybe a dog was there and some rocking chairs? Or maybe this church pew (below) was there?

doors-porch-old va church pew

doors-porch-old va

Next up –  this was down the road for the above house. The door and window – all closed off

door-cinder blocks- not everything works out

Now we have old church doors. The painted door knobs and molding around them had unique character. The wear on these doors made me wonder the many folks that came and went through them. We were there that day because a former student invited me to come and hear her speak – and the hubs and I were honored to be a part of it.  Right across the street was a house that I think I saw on an old TV show that featured an event in Richmond. I am going to try and look It up when I have time.  If I find anything – I will be sure to share a post about it (for those that keep track of these little things bloggers share).

doors-old-white-diamond handles

Closing doors are from the Virginia War Memorial.

I featured the VA Memorial  little more in depth on June 6th (here) – but considering I took the doors there specifically for Thursday Doors, thought I would add a couple here today (and thanks Dan for the suggestion).

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31 thoughts on “Thursday Doors from Richmond, Virginia

    1. Hi – I hope the book is enjoyable (and wow – what a classic to spend some time with). We have a local hotel that features stairs very similar to some on the movie for that book.

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  1. Thanks for joining us, Yvette. These are wonderful doors. It’s easy to imagine that fist house with a few repairs and a fresh coat of paint. The memorial is beautiful.

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  2. I love that old house and its’ porch. It speaks so clearly of the time when there was no AC and we would just be “settin'” on that porch sippin’ our mint juleps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi anne – a few years ago I had my first mint julep (in the south) it was so tasty – and so your comment came to life even more as I Imagine that drink being sipped on that porch

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  3. [Sorry Yvette – I got hopelessly behind in Reader and I’m going to start at current posts and try to keep up again.] I like this wraparound porch. I have old B&W pictures in the family album of my great grandparents’ farm and their big porch. They had nine kids and my mom said they’d go visit in August to help bring the crops in and the whole family about lived on the porch as it was so hot in the house. Sometimes they slept out there at night – it was safe and needed a good night’s sleep to have energy for the next day. Chipping off the paint would eliminate the character but make it last longer.

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    1. Hello Linda – thanks so much for the nice comment – because imagining the family living out on the porch is what kind of came to mind when I saw this old Virginia house.
      And I have a squirrel mosaic photo to show you – will link you when I post it – so you have been on my mind 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome Yvette. My mom used to tell me about the Great Heat Wave of ’36.
        It was across all of North America and lasted for several weeks. My mom was just 10 but she remembers them sleeping on the front porch of their home (in the city of Toronto) every night. The neighborhood men all worked in factories in the manufacturing district downtown and after their dinner, they all walked together to Sunnyside Park on Lake Ontario and took a pillow and slept down there, walked home for breakfast, then off to work. It was very oppressive – over 100 degrees. Thanks for thinking of me Yvette.

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