Thursday Doors Double Take (6-17-2021)

Time for Thursday Doors and today we have door photos from around the East Coast of US. I decided to call this post “double take” and this morning I spent a few minutes doing an online search for “double take” – just to see what came up.  I will share what I found at the end of the post.

First, the doors that led to this “double-take” theme: 

doors- double yellow and teal fox reader

doors- double pink and brown retaining walldoors- double maroon and tealdoors- double 312 wood layers and black doordoors- double 1 yellow brick white benches

Now – the “double take” search results.  We have quotes from Steph Curry and William H Macy. We have a Coulter book and Double Take (2001) movie, three songs with the Double Take title, an X factor video snippet titled double take, stores with the name, an LA eatery, and Vision software.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My “double take” search only took about 20 minutes and this random searching reminded me of something fun Ally Bean might do.  🙂  

A few quotes also came up. They did not have the words per se, but  the ideas in the passages fit the theme.  Here’s a few of them:

double take quote look at who we are

double take trust quote

double take quote about self care

double take quote doble failure

And a comic :

double take comic us tweet sync

Okay, thanks for checking out the doors and more today. I think a top door for me from this double take post was the “312” wooden door (4th image down). What about you? An have you don any double takes lately? 

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44 thoughts on “Thursday Doors Double Take (6-17-2021)

  1. Oh, my, Yvette, I was doing just fine until that last cartoon about the double-tweeting. Ha, ha!! I enjoyed the doors because in Philly there are lots of double doors. I also enjoyed the fruits of your double-take labors. Thanks for enlivening my Thursday morning.


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    1. hahah = your comment made my day
      I think today’s “double take” rabbit trail was an outpouring of my having exposed WWII info and then diving into Dickens’ Little Dorrit – I needed something fresh –
      hope you are having a nice week

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    1. Hi – that is such a good point about the HOAs – I think it depends on the area – but these older places likely do not have them 🙂


  2. Interesting pairs of doors in this post Yvette – my grandmother lived in the heart of the city of Toronto for many years. It was an old neighborhood and the houses were attached but each had their own door and small porch.

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    1. Hi Linda – that neighborhood of your grandmother sounds very cool and I would love to do a photo shoot in Toronto – for doors and more! And really look forward to when the world reopens 🙂

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      1. The houses were very old and if a neighbor coughed, you’d hear it next door and my grandmother would knock on the wall if she wanted to talk to one of her neighbors and if she was nearby, she’d answer and they’d have a chat through the wall. 🙂 After my grandmother died in 1986 and her neighbors on either side put their homes up for sale, someone bought all three houses and fenced them in, made a walkway on the second floor. I did a Google map a few years ago of 86 St. Clarens Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. I was surprised how it looked. If you look at the street view, you can still see how small the front yards are. They cut the tree down in front of her home and the house next door is a mess of roses.,+Toronto,+ON+M6K+2S5,+Canada/@43.6491168,-79.4379537,3a,75y,263.62h,88.53t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSgbjjrF8PL08yJrNLriE7w!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x882b344ddd3cb095:0x7c4b5f04baf7f18c!8m2!3d43.6491174!4d-79.4381794

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        1. Oh Linda – that was SO COOL!
          first, to imagine them talking through the walls –
          and then the link to give us a feel for the property – thanks for taking to the time to share that

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        2. Hi Yvette – Yes, my grandmother used to talk about chattin’ it up through the walls all the time and she was on really good terms with her neighbors. They all had very tiny front yards and the backyards were also small, but long and narrow and each house had a small garage at the end of the yard, but only accessible through the alley. My grandparents didn’t drive. They leased the garage to someone. In Toronto, you really never needed a car then and likely it’s the same now. They took the streetcar to get downtown and now you have buses and the subway system and the train from Toronto to the suburbs. I was really surprised to see how they sort of combined the houses with that railing/walkway on the second floor. I would not have recognized her house at all.

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    1. thanks for leaving the link to the blog – that is so helpful – whew –
      and appreciate the feedback on the doors post today 🙂


  3. I Love this post! And all your double doors and the other enlightening quotes and double takes etc… My fav is the first photo, just stands so grand and tall! Pretty doors on the front. Have a wonderful weekend! (It’s almost the weekend!) ❤️🤠 ~D

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    1. Hi D – thanks for the feedback! that photo you mentioned is from “the fan area” in Richmond, VA and while I like those houses – I would not want that for my residence (I like the basic and simple modern newer builds)
      and the weekend has now arrived – woo woo

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    1. Hi ally = thanks so much ((and PS I actually thought of you when I was on my little “double take search” – it just reminded me of something you would do))

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