Monday Morning Sunflower Blooms & Sunset for #SundayStills(June 21, 2021)

Hello Readers, 

I hope this post finds everyone well.

Linking up with Terri and her #SundayStills theme for the week, which is #Sunrise-Sunset. 

Here is my sunset – across the Virginia Mountains 

golden glow virginia mountains 2

Last month, while on a sunset walk along the “canal walk” in Richmond Virginia, I saw this indoor art – and took a photo to share – love the reflection and the art inside had a sunset kind of vibe 

golden street art

Earlier this year, I shared about a piece of amateur art that I bought.

This is a little funny – but I had it hung up wrong for a few hours.  I had not looked at this piece for a couple of months and so grabbed it and put it on a nail real quick (to assess the frame needs)- and thought the yellow was a sunset. I bought it while on a trip to FL and so it sat for a couple of months. I decided to hang it up and was going to reframe it (still might as I think a nice white frame would look better than the one it came with). Let me show you the wrong way I had it and then show you the artist’s name “Caroline” to show you the way they meant it to look: 

golden art by caroline abstract 2

golden art by caroline abstract 1

Which way do you think it looks better?

The yellow burst upper right or yellow burst lower left??

I am not sure – also – do you think the frame should stay or should I explore with something else? 

Now I know that not everyone will love Caroline’s painting. I never met the artist as this was for sale at a discount kind of clearance sale. But this piece spoke to me. It was the natural, raw, and unsophisticated feel to it. It was the rainbow of colors found in the piece, it was their use of space with sections of color. I felt the essence of this artist and can even connect some sections to the principles of design.  This one-of-a -kind painting has sunset or sunrise glow to me. 


The blooms for this week. Sunflowers!

golden glow sunflower basic

golden glow sunflower rich yellow unfolding

Last year, Linda and I chatted about growing sunflowers summer 2021.

I decided to buy this little pack and the seeds are now in the ground. The package said 65 days to harvest – so I have about 55 more days to go. Keep you posted later this summer. And no pressure to grow any this year Linda. 

golden sunflower seeds planted and pack

Speaking of Linda…

I took this next photo for Linda – this public floor art (in North Carolina) reminded me that we think of bloggers as we go about everyday life – and hey, that might have been some sunset light coming in through those windows. It was later in the day. (linking to the Public Art challenge here )

squirrel NC rest area

That is all for today.

Do you have any sunflowers in the ground or in a vase?

Do you have any sunset or sunrise photos to share? If so, perhaps join Terri this week — and do check out her post because it is like a celebration of summer (here).

logo - blue





42 thoughts on “Monday Morning Sunflower Blooms & Sunset for #SundayStills(June 21, 2021)

  1. That Virginia sunset is stunning! As for Caroline’s painting – if she thought that was the right way up she must have been standing on her head while she painted it…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hahahaha
      love your humor (still smiling with that) and maybe she had a brain disorder -that had her flip the image – – I am half kidding but without knowing the actual artist we can only guess. With that said – there is something super special about the energy in the piece and I can feel the personality of this artist in a good way and I am so glad I broght it home. Now I just cannot find a place to hang it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The important thing is that you’re happy with it, regardless of the ‘right’ way to view it. Who knows, maybe the artist intended it to be puzzled over, as that gives it depth. Hopefully you’ll find a good place for it.

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  2. Some great photography here, Yvette and I’m so glad you shared for Sunday Stills! Been a while! Did you know Marsha and Cee are doing a public art photography challenge? This post would also work for that! Here is Marsha’s link As for the art piece, I think it looks best from your perspective. I see a sunset but I also see schools of fish darting in and out of the waves beneath it. Art is in the eye of the beholder, so display as you please I say! Congrats on starting your sunflowers! Once they start blooming, you will be out there photographing them every day…believe me, it’s addictive 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Terri,
      thanks for the link to Marsha and Cee’s new challenge – I did have that in mind when I mentioned the phrase public art – and only saw their challenge unfold a couple of days ago but realized they might be on to something – :((and thanks for the link))
      also, I have mentioned this already, but your post was such a celebration of summer and the talk about shorter days and first light really had me pause to appreciate this part of June – this current day and just encouraged presence – at least for me 🙂
      hope you have a great week

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      1. You are quite welcome, Yvette! I love supporting my fellow bloggers and creating community. Speaking of summer light, so I woke up at 3:30 this morning to let my dogs out and there was light on the horizon already! I can’t imagine how people deal with light all night further north. Take care!


    1. such a good point about the subjective aspect to it – and in the wrong way – I feel a blue sky sunshine day – the other way has the reflection (possibly) and a celestial sky. – hahah – thanks for chiming in

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    1. Hi Sue – thanks for adding your view, it seems others agree with you as well. And I am not sure why I wanted a white frame so badly for it – but the current one seems to fit the piece just fine – so will leave it

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    1. derrick, I agree with both points – so thanks for the thoughts – and while the current frame bothers me a little (just a preference thing) because of the orange in the the inner part – it does seem to really go with the piece – so I might just keep it (and you are right – white might clash)

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  3. The photo of the sunset is stunning.
    I would hang Caroline’s painting on its side with vertical lines and the yellow splodge to the upper left. (Just to be different. 😉)
    I have (fake) sunflowers in a vase. Recently, I had some (real) sunflowers in the ground, but they are no more.

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    1. Hi Norah, your fake sunflowers sound like a great edition to the room – and silk flowers sure have a place in the world and can bring such beauty.
      I like your idea of trying the photo on the side – it would hav a total different feel – thanks for chiming in

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  4. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 – sunsets and sunrises are some of my favs! I like abstract art too – it’s interesting that you hung it upside down at first. It’d be fun to check with Caroline to see what she thought of you hanging it the way you did. I do prefer the other way – yellow is like it is reflecting on the water that way. So sweet to call out Linda and her squirrels ;-)! ❥💕💚❥💕💚❥💕💚❥💕💚

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    1. Hi Shelley, seeing the squirrel out to show Linda reminded me how blogging becomes a fun part of life – or it can. And so while on my “long blog break” this spring I realized that I am often blogging in some way – even if it is data collection or thinking of bloggers and their themes.

      and thans for sharing your thoughts about Caroline’s art, I will likely hang it the way the artist intended – although I do not have the right spot for this piece yet. hmmmm and I am not sure I will ever be able to meet her – this was at a blowout sale and she could be passed away for all I know

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      1. I think bloggers are always blogging, if not formally, at least they are in their heads! 😉 It’s fun to call out others who have made an impression on our hearts. Linda is a great blogging friend, same as you are.
        You’re welcome – your posts always make me think and you welcome comments too! I hope you find a place for the picture, it’ll fit right in once you do.


  5. I happen to like the way the painting is framed but it really doesn’t matter. I love the first photo. I only have some dried sunflowers but I do love sunflowers.



  6. Hi Yvette – thanks for thinking of me when you took these squirrel photos. That made my day! I will rise to the challenge of the sunflower project next year for sure. I know they are beautiful and will entice the birds to visit. I love your sunflower pictures … the sunny color would brighten any day. I’ve not planted anything in the yard, though I have the roses, hydrangeas and clematis still hanging in there … they are warriors which have stood the test of time, though my hardy perennials in my butterfly garden all bit the dust in the back-to-back Polar Vortex events a few years back. I am trying something new this year. My neighbor has a trumpet vine which grows over the fence – it is quite invasive. His mom, who inspired me to start a blog, planted it six years ago for her hummingbirds. She had many. He has kept it, though he despises it as it is unruly with a capital “U” … we usually just clip it back, (on each of our sides), but this year I’m letting it go all wild to see if will attract the hummingbirds. I get one hummingbird sipping nectar from two feeders. Not a great hummingbird magnet chez moi. I thought this would bring more than one hummingbird. Please keep us informed of your progress as Summer marches on – I’m sure all the heat waves will cause massive flowers. I’d have hung the picture wrong and blamed it on the heat.
    It looks good either way … I am easygoing. Thanks again for the shoutout Yvette.


  7. Wonderful photos Yvette!! I loved them all and art is in the beholders eyes, so either way looks good to me. I love the sunflowers and am thinking of growing some more!! Sooo beautiful!! I forgot about how easy that would be to add to my garden! Have a great week! ❤️ ~D


  8. love your sunset and burst of color Yvette❣️
    I def like the sunburst in the top right…..
    Feels like the sun to me.
    I’m not seeing sunflowers too much right now but love my roses ready for their 3rd pop. 💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

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