Canal Walk in Richmond, VA (spring 2021)

Spring 2021 included a walk along the flood wall, which is part of the canal walk near downtown Richmond, VA.

walk canal people 2 street shots 3
Starting the walk – the path is marked by a fire hydrant and a cone. This was cool because I happen to have a hydrant and cone post in the works.

walk- canal RVA single line

walk- canal RVA two paths

While I was taking photos – we spotted a bird carrying something across the river – you can barely see it in the next photo. 

walk- canal RVA looking at bird in sky

walk- canal RVA looking at bird in sky two

here it is again:

walk- canal RVA looking at bird in sky three

Also grabbed a few “street shots” while on this walk:

walk canal people 2 street shots

walk canal people 2 street shots 4b

That reminded me of some older posts I have from when we used to walk in this area back in 2014. We cruised along Dock Street, the Freedom Trail, and the art zone along the canal wall.  

walk- canal RVA looking at bird under bridge

Old Blog Posts:

A blogger that I follow recently shared something about reviving old blog posts. (I cannot find the post or I would share it here). Anyhow, I have also seen a couple of bloggers end there posts with some “blog history” or what there blog featured in the past (felt a little like fb and was kind of like the “memories feature” that AI offers in certain programs

Hmmm…. I am not sure how I feel about reviving old blog posts.  On one hand, I can see that some folks have posts that might benefit others to share – or they now have new readers (different crowd) to share the former posts with.  On the other hand, I feel like so many of my old posts do not even reflect me anymore (need to go in one day and clean house with the archives – like “Cookout” fast food? –  – not food I can even eat and so I need to get that post out of there).  Also, I do not always have time to even get to current post ideas and the allure of reviving posts is not really there. 

However, I did do a quick archive search just now and found a fun “canal walk” post from “way back when” in spring of 2014. The full post is HERE – and below is the collage I made for that post:

walking in rva - June 6- priorhouse 2014
Street Shots: June 2014 – Priorhouse Blog  – 

     I am really glad I peeked at the archives.  The 2014 post reminded me about a passion I had for street photography – I still have passion – but much less now and it has changed a bit. Also, back then, I remember feeling so surprised that so many folks said “yes” when I asked if I could take their photo. I still continue to appreciate when folks say yes to a photo or to me grabbing video footage! It is this human connection joy when they make that choice to interact. Of course there are times when we all might need to go about our business with quietude and privacy (less interacting) but there are other times when  we folks ha e something to give and connect with – cameras click, smiles are shared, and posts later unfold. 

I might peek at old blog posts a few more times this summer – but a goal I have is to do that much needed “blog cleaning”  – 

What abut you? How do you feel about your archives and how often do you consider past posts?


This is linked to Restless Jo’s Monday Walk here: – – (Jo is currently on a blog break – and so I am sending good vibes her way during her hiatus)









42 thoughts on “Canal Walk in Richmond, VA (spring 2021)

  1. Thanks, sweetheart! I love a surprise in my comments 🙂 🙂 As you rightly say, I’m on a break, but old habits die hard and I do enjoy the early morning stillness when I can dip into my Reader and find a little joy in the day. Lately I have needed that escape.
    Blogs are such individual things aren’t they? Yours is very distinctive, Yvette, and I appreciate you taking time to share with me. I ‘looked back’ with you and smiled at your open way of connecting with people.
    I have done some Bright Memories posts, dipping into the past, but not reviving old posts. I think a few people may have used that to fill a dearth of new material during Covid? I do enjoy looking back occasionally, though. 9 years of posts must have something worthwhile to read again, mustn’t they, or what was the point? As for that sorting out, yes, the day of reckoning is hovering! Such a mammoth task, though! Energy sapping to even think about 🙂 🙂 But I do enjoy getting lost in my archives now and again. It’s all me!

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    1. Hi restless jo, the “Bright Memories” posts sound like a nice theme – and I bet are a complement to your Poland series.
      I am so glad you were peeking into the blogosphere while on your current break. It reminds me of a time when we connected around Christmastime one year- not sure if you recall but it was such a nice holiday check in where our blog friends sometimes virtually join us around holidays

      Oh and sending condolences for your friend Marie – I read that beautiful tribute to her at the end of your latest post.

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  2. A good to see a bit of the “streets” and a good place to walk. The Eagle with the fish is so good. Nature is alive in there. Looking back is something I rarely do as I am doing a clean out and deleting the old stuff when I have time. I spend a bit more time in my old photos than blogs 🙂 🙂

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  3. An excellent post. I tend to go back to specific past posts for a reason that links with one I follow, or to answer a question – the problem then is to remember a tag word to find it 🙂

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    1. Derrick – you said something very important – and I think Marsha recently posted about the use of tags – and that is a serious tip for bloggers- tase your posts and use key words to save your photos so you can find what you need.
      ugh – wish I would have tagged better from the start –

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  4. A wonderful post and great idea to look back into archives. I usually dig for a photo if I remember I had one on topic of interest. Also would love to practice taking street photos but I live in a small town. Looking forward to travelling in 2021 😁

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    1. Hi Rupali, it is great to think that the world is open to travel again – for a few street shots but also for those that need it (the travel) for their wellness – 🙂

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  5. Love the picture of the bird in tne sunlight!
    I am not against sharing old blog posts, I just don’t do it. 🙂 For yes my writing has changed some. Have a great day!

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    1. Hi – thanks for the comment about the eagle pic – not the clearest image cropped like that but did give the essence and outline of the bird –
      and hope you have a great day also


  6. Great shots as usual, Yvette. My follower numbers have risen a lot in the past couple of years so I often repost or rework older stuff the newbies may not have seen before. And it saves on writing something new, too!

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    1. Hi Clive – I like the idea of “re-working” a post and also noted that sometimes you bring us back when you share about how your blog started and all that – and by the way – I started reading your “Down” post and decided to come back when I could slowly enjoy it more – so be back over soon – good current events layered in there.

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      1. Hi Yvette. It wouldn’t work for all posts but I can often top and tail, make a few edits, and it’s good to go for a reprise. The occasional reminder of why I started is as much for me as the reader – it might not be that obvious from the majority of current stuff! No pressure on my current one, but I couldn’t resist a news story like that, could I?

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  7. What a nice place for a walk! I would love to go there. I actually just went back through all of my posts and fixed them up a bit, as my earlier writing wasn’t the best. But I only have around 50 blog posts. I like to share them in my posts instead of at the end.

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    1. Hi – yes – 50 posts sounds manageable and also, your comment reminded me that sometimes how we view past posts will depend on the the aim of ur blog – what is in those past posts and where you want to take readers – and I think you have a business blog, am I right? you are here connecting and engaged as you – but also wearing the hat of your coaching role?

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  8. Your canal shots are SO different from where I walk along our canal. 🙂 I’ve re-posted or linked to only several older posts. I have so much to keep posting that I don’t have time to go back but I don’t mind if other people do sometimes as often I haven’t seen the post already. I’ve considered getting rid of some older posts as I get closer to having to get more space again or starting a new blog.


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  9. I think I know where the canal is and I believe I went there so many many years ago. If I am not mistaking, some people do fishing there too but I do not think there are many doing that.


  10. I thoroughly enjoyed walking along the canal with you. I saw a hawk flying with a long turquoise tail in it’s mouth – a lizard, I’m sure. I was just glad it wasn’t Puppy Girl. A friend of mine got dive-bombed by a protective hawk while walking her dog. It drew blood.

    About archives, this is a great topic. I have 1,239 published posts, 40 drafts (some of which are old posts I took offline for reworking), 8 scheduled and 2 trashed. I vaguely remember someone saying that it’s best not to delete posts per se. Since I have pictures on them, I don’t want to remove them. When I first started blogging again on this blog, I redid several. I think it was a waste of time now. Not too many people read them, and I spent hours on them. So now I’m just leaving them. If someone wants to search a topic and find them, we can chat about what’s different now. My concentration is on what’s ahead rather than what’s behind.

    Lovely post, Yvette.


  11. Great post with the fire hydrant and cone.. a start of a workout… just don’t touch the fire hydrant.. lol. love the colors and that cool hawk with whateves in it’s mouth. I love seeing those nature in the wild picures. Great captures and soooo crisp and clear Yvette💖💖❣️👏👏🙏


  12. I love running along canals – they are well-lit, well-paved (for the most part) and there’s so much to see! Your canal is so wide! and sports so much vegetation!

    It was fun to see the Now and Then images from your archives.


  13. I’ve thought on this too and I don’t re-use my blog posts. I figure I want to be current and while I may occasionally link to something I wrote before, it’s in passing, not instead of something new. To be clear I don’t begrudge anyone who revives their past because all blogs are unique & you do your own thing. I just don’t think that’s me.

    Also your photos are gorgeous and so clear. Do you use a camera phone or a *real* camera?


  14. This looks like an interesting walk Yvette. I especially like all the river rock along the water – it makes it very picturesque. That’s a unique shot of that bird and its prey. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a fish, bird, small mammal. Looks to be a raptor of some type with a big wingspan … right place/right time for you!


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