Bikes and Post-Pandemic Transition Tips (#Treesquare July 4th)

Becky’s July 2021 theme is trees for Square photo challenge. 

Hello everyone, some folks are talking about the “post-pandemic transition” or “post-pandemic funk”

While some people had their biggest challenges during 2020 – other people have had challenges with the recent ending of the pandemic – maybe even even a bit of funk? Some are fatigued and just worn out – especially those who worked non-stop through the pandemic. Some folks are still worried about the variants and I even know a couple of people who are apologetic for being mask nazis (I give them grace because there were a lot of unknowns, a lot of mixed messages, bad science, and much fear). Anyhow, we all have to cope with the transition of everything reopening and the new normal. 

Do you know what helped me with the post-pandemic transition? I already mentioned it was hunkering down to read Little Dorrit (here). 

It was also setting some goals for June. Author Tracy Abell noted her goal (to write more and get a printed version of her manuscript by the end of the June) and that was the reminder for me to set a few small goals for June. This goal setting might sound sophomoric, but it was effective.  Setting goals for end of May and June gave me momentum and motivation. Thanks so much to Tracy for this goal-setting reminder. tracy abell goals

Yes Tracy, I agree with you – “Hooray for setting and meeting personal goals.” 

And maybe setting some goals will help us get more from what is left of this year? 

 Another thing that helped with the recent post-pandemic transition was riding my new bike.

Nothing fancy, just a Costco “hybrid bike” – yet the short, easy rides have been so refreshing.  

bike tree square berries and honey suckle in wild
We found a back trail that has rows of blackberries and honeysuckle growing together in the wild. Smells wonderful and the berries taste great.

Now…. the #Treesquares for Day 4 – I have some bike photos to share

I wanted to share the bikes today because I took a few of these photos to show the blogger “A dude Abikes” – who I met one at the “sorry… less” blog – (and Marc, this is that recent “stickers photo” I was talking about -and hope to see you door someday

bike post sorry less stickey truck

Okay, so now the bikes and trees combo:

bike tree squares stand on pedals
1) Notice how this guy is standing – – this is one thing I like about easy rides – you can stretch the legs and stand a bit
bike tree squares lady in pink
2) pretty in pink
bike tree squares two lovers at the beach
3) Lovers at the beach?
bike tree squares red bike
4) Check out the handle bars on this red gem. 
bike tree squares cool tires
5) It is all about the wheels, baby
bike tree squares art on building va bch
6) The art, the bike, and then those classic Adidas sneakers
bike tree square n atlantic
7) Easy cruisin’
bike tree square motor bike
8) Motorized?
bike tree square shark blue bike rack
So…. if a community wants to encourage more biking – they need to make the roads safer for cyclists and they need to provide plenty of options for folks to lock up their bikes. 

 For more biking info – check out the blogger (here) A Dude Abikes (not abides) – where he recently shared this: 

 “I’ve continued to feel poorly much of the time….

…my slow bike ride helps get the chi flowing. I found a way to do a little more biking than May. I’m pretty slow, avoid hills, and often just do errands. When it comes to my slow bike-riding, I believe the tortoise really will beat the hare in the long run. Or at least I hope so. I was never good at word problems, so I can’t prove it. Hey, this ain’t no math blog..” 


bike tree square surfer dude too

Let’s sum up tips that might help with the post-pandemic transition:

  1. Read a classic book – or at least read something that inspires, uplifts, and brings freshness to your mind – especially if you have that mental fatigue. 
  2. Set realistic short-term goals and then do your best to reach those goals – while also making sure you have any needed flexibility.
  3. Get your body moving! – Perhaps do some gentle biking – or maybe hit some trails and challenge yourself. Or you could start cycling around town as your transportation for a while (your body will thank you for it).  This is from “
  4. Assess and reassess.  If you feel the funk, or that post-pandemic exhaustion – remember that sometimes we need to be a detective to figure out “where we are at now” and then decide “what we need to do” –  So ponder, plan, and then be a little “sleuth like” as you move into the second half of 2021 with some action. Good things are in store. 🙂 


bike tree square rack and boards

Okay – so how are you doing in post-pandemic mode?

Do you have any tips to add for helping with the transition?








45 thoughts on “Bikes and Post-Pandemic Transition Tips (#Treesquare July 4th)

  1. Thanks for the quote (though not my best, at least it’s authentic) and the shout out. If we can encourage folks to ride aka more butts on bikes that’s good for them, our communities and the planet. Start where you are, pedal stroke by pedal stroke.

    Your local bike shop and advocacy group are good places to start. And of course if any of my blog posts may be of use people are welcome to use the search box, like helmets, or flat tires, etc.

    Happy riding and great photos by the way!

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  2. I like the shot of the two bikes on the beach. I haven’t really had any pre-,during, or post-pandemic issues even though we moved right at the beginning. I didn’t mind wearing a mask, except when I was wearing my glasses instead of my contacts and my glass would steam up. 🙂 I did miss being able to go to France last year, but I got in a number of driving trips, so that helped. My husband was already working from home so that didn’t take any adjustments. I’ve kept busy helping my parents, reading even more than usual, keeping a regular and varied workout schedule, etc. I’m wearing a mask again when inside because of my husband’s worry about the Delta variant but again, if that’s my biggest problem, I’m greatly blessed…which I am. My main tip I think would be to concentrate on your blessings/be grateful and find things you can do rather than dwell on what you can’t do. If you and anyone you know didn’t get Covid, be thankful. Keep in touch with people by actual mail, Zoom, FaceTime or whatever you have and feel comfortable with and be thankful for technology during this time.

    Happy Independence Day, USA.


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    1. Hi Janet / I live the many tips you provided and especially noted that the gratitude came up a couple times – the mindset and Attitude sure can make a big difference.
      And hope you and the hubs stay strong and healthy

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  3. On the serious side of things I think you suggestions are good for the post pandemic blahs. on the humorous side of things I loved the bikes and your captions. Made me smile and chuckle!

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    1. yes yes and yes
      and I almost linked you for this post – but it was already “link heavy” – but I still hav that image of you – with Xmas lights on the bike and imagine the sound of the Bose speaker playing some nice sounding tunes for the neighbors – I am so glad Joanne Sisco linked your post because I was able to enjoy it again recently – that was a clever idea for holiday connecting during a crazy pandemic


  4. Encouraging post! Feeling the pandemic funk but summer vacation and the pressure to not do so much is helping lots.
    Great bike photos and captions! I liked the first one where the guy was stretching out his legs on the bike. Cruising! It must be fun to do that. Don’t know how to ride a bike…lol… my parents thought it too dangerous to learn.

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    1. Hi – well maybe some day you can all get some bikes and learn to ride. There is an episode of Monk (the drama-comedy about a police detective who had a breakdown and has OCD) – well he meets his father and they end up cruising in his semi around Christmas time – and (spoiler) at the end of the episode – Monk learns to ride a bike (his dad abandoned the family and never taught him to ride) and so there are many social psych and familial layers with that ending – but it is a reminder that we are never too old to learn – and so I say you add bike riding to your list of things to maybe learn for enrichment (or not) –

      and glad you are enjoying a bit of summer decompression – so needed


  5. I very much appreciate these tips for a happier, healthier existence. I must admit, however, that it doesn’t feel post-pandemic. Vaccinated people are getting covid and the variants are out there and our govt keeps telling people they don’t need masks. *huge exhale* BUT, none of that changes the fact that you’ve offered some great advice for all of us as we carry on. Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Hi Tracy – I think you are right and Janet noted the same thing about it not quite being post pandemic – so maybe the beginning of the end? Maybe moving into post -pandemic?
      and I could have made a list of a dozen or more things to offer for the pandemic transition but I just focused on the four things that helped me end of May and start of June (blogging helped too) and thank again for sharing about your goals – right when I needed it!!

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  6. What a great post! I loved the bike images; and I enjoyed your discussion about “post-pandemic funk” and then at the end some possible solutions. I’ve definitely felt that and wandered what was wrong with me – I mean I am fully vaccinated, we do not have to wear a mask in most places in Denver, etc. but still things seem off…and now I am worried about the new variant…

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    1. Hi – thanks for the feedback – I mean it because Tierney, I know at least a dozen folks around here who have that “blah” or transition kind of wrestling. And try not to be worried about the variant – because that worry can suppress immunity and just rob us from health – so let’s stay being mindful and smile more (good for immunity) eat food that gives life (also good for immunity) and then be sure to do activities that we love (like your sewing or quilting) because that gives life – and let’s all “move more” – hahaha

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  7. Our ways of going about after pandemic probably change for a long time to come. Some may have to work from home as permanent basis. I guess this is also a hard transition if you expect to go back to what it used to be. Nice post. I like the picture of shadow of someone on the bicycle.

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    1. Hi YC
      thanks for the comment and you are right that some will have to work from home permanently – and I do know some folks that wish they could stay working from home – but not me – I am ready for some of that in person and brick and mortar kind of connecting –
      have a great day

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  8. Love all the bikes, as I’m an avid rider myself! We’ve noticed so many more people are riding bikes these days and they’re very hard to buy as supplies aren’t getting into the country that quickly. Great shots.

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    1. Hi Debbie – you are so correct abut the bikes still being hard to get – the Costco one I finally scored was a third trip to see if they had them in kind of find. I had a used Schwinn trail bike to use last year but it was clunky and well, this hybrid is amazing. cheers to being an avid rider yourself and hope you have a great day

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    1. that sounds awesome M, and my son’s gf was the lucky taker of one of your book, Chaotic alleys, hard copies (Erica is the other one) and so my son’s gf said she would post a review later this month – she liked it a lot
      keep you posted

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  9. So many images to see in this post Yvette – I like all the bike photos, but the two lover bikes and their shadows and also the long shadow of your bike the best. I know what you mean about the post-pandemic feelings and attitudes, etc. It was fairly easy for me during the pandemic – I worked from home to begin worth, so no big change there and no one comes into the house, but me, so no worries about COVID germs being brought in and when I ventured out, I was overly careful. I am finding it worse this year but due to the erratic weather. The worrisome storms, tornado threats, flooding issues – the weather has plagued me, much like many people were distraught by COVID. That is not to say I still don’t mask up … I do, every time I leave the house because only 47% of Michiganders are vaccinated so I don’t take chances. My fear of COVID was becoming debilitated and with no family, who would take care of me, would I end up in a nursing home. All valid fears and now there are worries with these two variants. The longer COVID and its variants lingers, the more angst to be shared. Now the quibbling over a booster shot – does Pfizer want to do this for $$ or for concern for mankind?

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