25 thoughts on “Goals Quote (#WQWWC & #Treesquare July 7)

    1. Hi – my regional comment to you seems to have disappeared – and I think this quote should have said “let out the air in the other tires” because “slash” was a bit violent – but then again – maybe that as the point – that people sabotage when they have a minor setback – hm

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    1. Hi author JT
      The slashing word is a little rough – they could have said “deflated” but then it might not have had the same “pop” effect ?


    1. Hi Janet – it makes me wonder too – and the fence is only along one side of the yard – you can walk around and enter the yard easily – so maybe it is to keep squirrels or birds from landing there?


    1. Hi – I almost linked one of your posts to this post – it was the one on the dock with the post that had the “extra weathered” top. Because I was thinking of your post when I took this photos – if you can see there is a bit of copper trim on one post – it was a bit opposite of yours being worn –
      anyhow – sorry for the delayed reply – 💚


      1. I always like the weathered look for fences and that one you photographed especially. No problem. I am three days behind as of tonight. It is hopeless sometimes.


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