Instructions for Accessing the Classic Editor (#Treesquare July 12 & Pull up a Seat)

If anyone wants instructions for accessing the Classic Editor – below you will find some from Shoreacres (here), which were first shared on The Spetacled Bean (here).

“Getting back to the Classic editor is a two-step process. First, you get to the old Admin menu, and then you can get to the Classic editor. It takes longer to write it out than to do it.

1. Open WP and click on your avatar in the top right: whichever image you use that’s contained inside the circle next to the bell.

2. Your profile page will open. On the left side, click on ‘account settings.’

3. Scroll down to ‘Interface settings’ and look for the slide bar under ‘Dashboard settings.’ Slide that until it’s a solid color, then save the page. You should have the old Admin menu.

4. Next, on the admin menu at the left side, hover above the third icon down: the pushpin labeled ‘Posts.’

At that point, DO NOT CLICK ON “ADD NEW.” That will take you to the Block editor. Instead, click on “Posts” or “All Posts.”

That will open a page with another “Add New” link at the top of the page on the left, with a drop-down arrow next to it.

5. Click on the arrow, and you have a choice between the Block editor and the Classic editor. Click “Classic,” and you’re in business!

Notice that on the page listing all your posts, both published and draft, if you hover over a title, there’s an option to edit in the Classic editor right below the post title.

Once I got it down, it’s easy as can be. Since I post so often, I leave the “All Posts” page open in my browser as a tab. All I have to do is click on it, and I’m ready to go.

I hope that makes sense, and is helpful. If it’s confusing, let me know.”

Thanks again to Shoreacres  (here)

Now for Today’s #TreeSquares post, which is linked with Pull Up A Seat (here)

tree squares- seat bench crepe myrtle tree
I like the weathered bench – and the Crepe Myrtle in bloom- but I do not always enjoy sitting directly under tree branches.  Sometimes palmetto bugs or spiders drop down…
tree square seats hydrant and cone
Did you know that in 2019 and 2020 I photographed fire hydrants (or fire plugs as Dan would say). This year, 2021, I have a small collection of photos with fire hydrants and construction cones. Why? Not sure. In this photo, – the picnic benches are off to the back – and we have a classic red hydrant with the cone right. Not sure how this combo found my lens – but I like looking out for this duo.
tree squares- seat couch palm tree hydrant
Would you want to sit here? I wouldn’t. I would much rather have a beach chair and then get on over to the ocean 🙂 – which is right behind this yellow building 

Let’s close with a quote (thanks again to joyroses13)

What does love sound like to you? Getting instructions for accessing the classic editor? yeah. That felt a bit lovely. 

Seriously now- what is an action or phrase that sounds like love to you?

Here is mine: Sometimes love sounds like: “I like you for “you” – not who I expect or want you to be.”







39 thoughts on “Instructions for Accessing the Classic Editor (#Treesquare July 12 & Pull up a Seat)

  1. Aww! Thanks for the shout out! I do really like that quote. Love is said in so many ways! 🥰

    I agree I would much rather sit in a beach chair in front of the ocean. ❤

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  2. I like what love sounds like to you. “Let me do that for you” is another way I like.
    I’ve gotten used to the block editor and don’t mind it. My use is fairly basic though. 🙂

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    1. Hi Norah – your phrase for love reminds me of the “acts of service” that some people really value – and I have gotten used to the Blok editor but it does have limits and it feels dumbed down – hard to explain – but I know tech changes –
      hope your month of July is going well

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  3. Nice Squares!

    I had to figure out “Back to the Classic” by the hunt and peck method one peck at a time.
    I had stopped blogging in 2016 but kept my blog.
    Big surprise when I returned 7 months ago.

    Thanks for reposting the HELP. The Block has good features and I use a combo of both.

    Asking a question and maybe you know:

    In media I am sure I used to be able to click on an old graphic and it would somehow tell me/lead me to the original post that it was used for. But I don’t seem to be able to do that anymore. 😦

    Of course I might not be remembering correctly. But worth a try to ask. 🙂

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    1. Hi Lady sighs – regarding your question – I think the classic editor will help you – and I think it was called the attachment page and the old editor showed you where a photo was used?? so try the classic editor and click on edit image and then choose edit again and it should show the file URL and the other info (I think??)

      and I am so glad you did not delete the blog when you left blogging in 2016! also glad you made your way back to the blogosphere with your audio tracks, wit, and encouragement


      1. Thank you for taking the time to write out the suggestion. Will try. I think it probably doesn’t really matter. Trying to cling to things that don’t need clinging to.

        This new start with my blog I’m keeping track of my posts and pics better. It’s been like trying to clean out a closet that hasn’t been touched for years.


    1. Hi ally- “being yourself” sure is love and it is such a gift to the world when people are genuine and celebrate who they are (while growing of course – especially those who are toxic when they are “being who they are” – ha)

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  4. Haha, thanks for the share of love..!
    I kinda like that photo with the counch in from of the hydrant, looks funny.Where was it taken. Over here in Germany, we can´t throw furnitures in the streets just like that.

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    1. Hi – I think that this was “big garbage” day in cocoa beach FL – where people can put out furniture like that – and I think they have the big garbage day once a month – there were a few more items down the road but this one stood out because of the honey color and the building – and it just stood out I guess.
      and it sounds like Germany has different trash policies

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  5. Love the photos as always, Yvette.

    I’ve gradually got used to the Block Editor since being forced into trying it a few months ago. An issue I have found, though, is that Safari – the default browser on Macs and iPads – seems to no longer recognise the Classic Editor, so I can’t edit posts written with it. If I follow the steps you describe, or click on ‘Classic Editor’ on a post in my list, it just gives me a blank page! Easily fixed by using Chrome instead, but it’s an unnecessary irritant.

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      1. I’ve made a concerted effort to go with the Block Editor. It took some getting used to, and I wouldn’t claim to be an expert but I think I’m getting there. One thing in its favour is that it is much easier to embed videos which, as you can imagine, is a big plus for me. It’s still a pain to have to go back to Chrome if I want to view or edit the text of a post written in the Classic Editor, but it’s hardly life-threatening!

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    1. Hi Clive, I thought this was just me how Safari will not let me edit my posts. I did a mini Google search with many remedies. Some, I don’t want to play with and may cause problems on my computer. I was planning to upgrade to the latest operating system as one more try. Safari is still faster than Chrome. And, like you say, Chrome does work. You are the first person who has mentioned having the same issues as me. Thank you for validating my concerns. Erica

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      1. Hi Erica. It’s also good to know I’m not alone with this! I have the latest models of MacBook Air and iPad Air, both updated to the latest software versions, so I don’t think that will offer a solution. It’s always best to update, though, as updates give the latest security patches. I contacted the WP people about this, but all they could offer were suggestions about deleting caches etc, and that’s a real pain when you have to restore all the links afterwards, so I didn’t do it. I must admit I hadn’t noticed Chrome being slower than Safari, but as long as it provides a useful backup for Safari’s inadequacy it’s fine by me!

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        1. Hi Clive, My MacBook Pro is 3 years old and I was initially reluctant to update the software since I had heard it was best to wait. My OS is High Sierra and we are now at Big Sur. Supposedly, I can go straight to Big Sur (making sure I have everything backed up) Thank you for prompting me to get onto this.
          I appreciate you sharing how you contacted the WP people about this.

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    1. Hi – yes, the sofas were real – and they were acting to be picked up for the “large-item” monthly trash pick up ((I should have noted that in the post) and I drove by a few a other items but this honey-colored couch stood out – maybe because of the yellow building and the god condition it was in (from what we could tell it was in decent shape – but could have been broken in the frame, etc)

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    1. Best wishes with the directions – and I like the idea of a magical seat – and I guess maybe less insects nd spiders if we keep the sitting short. But a while back I was sitting under trees and had a two inch palmetto bug land on me – I am okay with that because it is Florida after all – or just the world we share with our nature friends – but it creeped me out!! and have been careful since


  6. I’m sooo tempted to try that Classic Editor but I’ll be behind and we just talked about that 🤣🤣🤣🤣so I copied and pasted it in my notes..
    Thanks a lot❣️
    l,ove the bench.. I just brought one home like that and my husband had to spray it and make it look new.. oye vey but i won’t get splinters at least.. so there’s that.
    too funny the fire hydrant and the couch outside.. 🤣🤣🤣
    lastly… I must remember to say I love you i do but I sound like my mom when I say .. drive safe.. are you leaving now, when will you be back.. gotta change that…. but it doesn’t seem to keep them from staying away.. 😭😭😭😭

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  7. Hi Yvette, I will bookmark this post and instructions, although I have been using the Block Editor for quite awhile, despite some of the tedious hiccups.

    Your post/quote reminds me of the song “Humble and Kind” (Tim McGraw) – some of the lyrics “…light that glows by the front door…” “…key’s under the mat…” “I love you” ain’t no pick-up line” The true meaning of “I love you” is shown and said in many ways. I will not look at a fire hydrant and cone the same way from now on, Yvette. 🙂

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    1. Hi erica – thanks for adding a few lyrics to that song – I do think. have heard of it – I remember because the title reminded me of the book that one of the ladies from “Duck Dynasty” – I never read her book but it had the mantra of string and kind or humble and kind – something like that and it came to mind with the McGraw song – and so you adding the lyrics was a nice touch to read just now
      and if the block editor is working- well maybe just keep with it – 🙂 I use a combo of both and was just glad to get back in to classic for a few things
      have a great day and TTYS

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