What’s on My Plate (& #Treesquare July 20-21)

Hello Readers, joining “What’s On My Plate” monthly challenge. 

First – the #Treesquares 

Those trees in transport can turn into some nice wooden trays (below) which can serve up some nice food dishes.  

I sure do love a nice wooden tray.  How about you? You know, not too heavy – but solid and with slim handles?

Now for what has been on our plate:

I was joking around – but I actually did make two hamburger patties serve as the bun – it worked well.

This next food photo was from dining out. We do not eat out too often because it is hard to find food with the ingredients we need/want – (i.e. so many places use bad oils – like canola or vegetable oil – and those industrial oils are bad for the body). 

Anyhow, this corned beef and cabbage dish was delish!

Notice the bricks in the back of that last photo?  Yes, that was at one of my favorite places to eat here in town – where they have brick walls from the late 1800s.  On this day, we had the entire back room and so it was fun to chat- listen to the upbeat music streaming in from some speakers in the ceiling – and then I was able to take a couple of food photos (it is not always possible to take food photos while dining out but on this day – everything was laid back and so nice) 


As mentioned in other posts – Key Lime Pie is a treat when we travel to Florida.  Make that, good quality key lime pie is a treat. That means that Trader Joe’s Key Lime pie is no longer on the list for us because of the crap they add (corn syrup solids and gunk – and we feel like sh*t after eating their pie and that says it all….) – Anyhow, the pie below (from Publix) is good (9 out of 10) and it has all-natural whipped cream.

The center of the pie adorns a silly little “wax” slice of lime, not sure why because key limes are not even that green… but maybe some folks like that there? 

Lastly,  even though black coffee goes best with Key lime pie, today we are featuring a small latte to close out the post. 

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51 thoughts on “What’s on My Plate (& #Treesquare July 20-21)

    1. Well if and when you do get to try some – I hope it is good stuff and not the bad stuff – not all key like pie is created equal and the hubs finally agreed that his fav is the same as mine the – key lime pie from “the profit’s” show in key west – really good stuff


  1. This post made me hungry. Great photos of your plates. I agree wholeheartedly with you that “good quality key lime pie is a treat.” Some of it is complete rubbish, but the good stuff… chef’s kiss

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It all looks so good! I think the lime slice on the pie is to signify what kind it is, to people who are used to having their foods doctored up with food colouring. Thanks for joining us in the challenge!


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  3. Have you come across ‘Rate My Plate’ – it’s on Facebook and probably has a website too. Some of the photos people share of their concoctions are horrendous, and comments are often hysterical. I think you’d like it 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi C
      I will check that out on FB – it sounds fun,
      and speaking of hilarious (or comedy) – I heard a segment of the “Ron Burgundy” podcast last week and it was saying that people who took food photos “lacked joy” and also = folks who thought Costco had good deals, and if you liked the Denver broncos – you lacked joy – it was pretty cheesy but that was part o the fun

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      1. I’d be interested to know what you think. The podcast sounds good – I’ve never used Costco so I couldn’t possibly comment on that 😉


        1. Hi Clive – I will let you know for sure – and I also have a bit more feedback on the Tuesday tunes songs – but need to finish listening and plan to do that this weekend – and will be back over for that
          and the podcast (Ron Burgandy) would not be something I would listen to everyday


  4. I love things made of wood, but those log hauling trucks are a problem if you and they meet on a very narrow road! In Wyoming, when the logging trucks are coming down the mountain, they have flaggers at the top and bottom to stop traffic when the trucks are on the road. Thank goodness!

    I also love corned beef and cabbage, although when I make cabbage to go with it, I usually saute it with onions because I don’t like the texture and bland taste of boiled cabbage. I always buy my corned beef from Aldi and when it’s near St. Patty’s, they have some that’s $1.99/lb! Trim the fat and it’s wonderful.

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    1. Hi Janet -thhose logging trucks in Wyoming sound serious – I do recall a few major delays from logging trucks when we live din San Jose and drove to Saratoga – there could be major slow downs

      alos, that corned beef sound snidely price and delicious – mmmmmm

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  5. Hi my friend, You left me in the cold with the corned beef, but everything else looks great, even the key lime pie. When my friend made it from scratch, that is the color it came out. Chocolate, where’s the chocolate in these pictures? Yvette, we have to do something about that. The lattes looked delicious. The trees are beautiful. They look like they are from our little logging town in Oregon, just north of Roseburg. I’m linking this post to your name on the attendance roster in the Story Chat Summary which will come out Tuesday. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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    1. I made homemade key lime pie about ten years ago and it was an all morning event – but fun to do with kids –
      and Marsha my friend – here is some chocolate for you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL Thanks, Yvette. I needed that! Yes, I remember that Jean said it was quite an ordeal. My husband’s favorite pie is key lime, so she made it for his birthday. He was thrilled. But honestly, I’ll share my chocolate. He adores chocolate – especially nice and dark! 🙂


  6. Everything looks scrumptious!! And love the tree logging trucks. The plates you featured are wonderful and I just Love Key lime pie. Yummy to the tummy!! 💚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I soooo agree.. I have one bowl from Hawaii that is charms my coffee table and I don’t dare put food in it.. too expensive but the sun is fading it.. oh well it makes me happy to have it out. 💖💖


        1. Hi – many years ago – our neighbors brought us back a small wooden serving bowl from their trip (we watched their dogs for them – my boys were little and they loved the “work” – ha) but my favorite wooden item is one from pier one – double sided and came with two cermaic inserts – have not used it in years – but have memories with that little tray and so many times it came out for dips and whatnot –
          your bowl on the table sounds like it adds a nice touch with the “word and nature” element to the house

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  7. I like wooden plates – these are nicely made. The corned beef and cabbage do look delish, but the rustic bread calls out to me the most, plus the latte. I have been eating whole grain bread for about 15 years, but crusty white bread has always been a favorite of mine.

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    1. Hi Linda! The funny thing is that in some times pasr – eating from wooden bowls and plates was not always nice
      For example in Hugo’s Les Miserables -when the bishop gets his silver stolen and then is “okay” with it -he goes back to using wooden stuff and the author has already let us know it was not this characters preference – so when he gives up the silver – we feel the sacrifice and admire it or just feel it more – if that makes sense


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