Thursday Doors in Downtown RVA (#Treesquare July 22)

JoiningThursday Doors  today -and combining with #Treesquare Day 22

Starting with part of the doorway at 500 on the corner of Main and 5th. We the feel of the beautiful architecture and a street view with the trees.



The door at “100” — has an “open” sign which I smile to see.  Through the car window – this man’s outfit seemed to sync with the street art and the hydrant.
I also liked the way this lady and her pup synced with the bike street art. And that post for the corner entrance reminded me of Richmond’s past.  I bet that was a busy store front decades ago and someone put thought into each line and design.  Anow now many of us just walk by it like it is an old building and pay no mind to the beauty. 
Check out the tall trees – and the different size/shape of the building. Also have some folks in action – and then the doors. 🙂 


Closing the post with double takes on the doors on 5th Street in downtown RVA.  The June photos are left and the July ones are right.  


Which do you like better? Left side or right?



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Thanks for your visit today and hope your day is going well. 






34 thoughts on “Thursday Doors in Downtown RVA (#Treesquare July 22)

  1. I like the left-side door in both shots Yvette … it is closer up. That is some great street art/murals you have captured. I like your sidewalks, like the one in the second photo … very colorful. Not long ago you had paver bricks and it was raining very hard and they looked slippery.

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    1. Hi Linda! Of course your “walking woman” so you would notice sidewalks and terrain like that! And the
      Photos from
      Downtown show older areas around here – it we have newer street with no sidewalks at all. Not sure when they had a couple decades of leaving sidewalks out of neighborhoods? Cost and likely not seeing the value

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      1. Hi Yvette – you are right. Yes, I remember the one sidewalk with the paver bricks glistening in the pouring rain. I like looking around instead of down at the ground to notice things.


  2. I enjoyed this set of street photos, Y. You capture the everyday scene and sights so candidly as always. On the June and July photos in front of the red doors, I actually like both. I would say the July one gives more of a summer vibe with the lady decked out in summer attire and sitting in the shaded area checking her phone. Same goes for the image with the lady walking her dog.


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