Last on Card – Heal Soul Soap (August 2021)

Joining Bushboy’s challenge, which is to share our last photo of the month.

The last photo on my phone was a screen shot of the Dr. Bronner’s soap called  “heal Soul” – 

We actually bought this soap because we like this brand and their latest release had a fresh almond essence and jojoba. Then! One day I actually read all of the little phrases and sayings and had to laugh!

This soap says it supports psychedellic-assisted therapies. Shared some images with family members and that is why the screen shots were there as the last photo. 

I know BB says no explanation needed – but this soap label is funny and had to share:

Did you know the label claims this soap can help you heal from PTSD, depression, end-of-life anxiety, and addiction. Even if it just a placebo kind of thing – if the soap helps – then use it, baby! 

Did we like this “heal soul” soap?

It is “okay” – but I prefer the classic Dr Bronner’s peppermint (always a good staple to have around) and the hubs likes the Dr Bronner’s Earl Gray soap –  which we cannot find anymore (and so he opts for ZUM frankincense and myrrh or any other all natural soap).



the soap bottle was suggesting folks consider psychedelic therapies for  some healing needs – and their soap here was part of a recovery journey – just FYI

Care to join in with “the Last Photo” of the month challenge here  are the steps: 

1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo on your phone for the 31st August.
2. No editing – who cares if it is out of focus, not framed as you would like or the subject matter didn’t cooperate.
3. You don’t have to have any explanations, just the photo will do (but sometimes prior house just has to offer info – wink) 
4. Create a Pingback to Brian’s post or link in the comments
5.use #TheLastPhoto

45 thoughts on “Last on Card – Heal Soul Soap (August 2021)

  1. Dr. Bronner labels are always worth a second look. They are good for whatever ails you! Of course washing with soap and water remains the most important thing you can do for your health, so maybe Dr. B is onto something.

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    1. hi! this brand has really expanded varieties and it can be used for laundry – cleaning as well as hair and body!
      thanks for the reminder about good old fashioned soap and water for part of wellness ☀️☀️☀️

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    1. ha – it is pretty funny to read their labels – their original label had a lot of “all are one” and anyways ago my son thought it was new age kind of stuff and did want to support their brand – but then he realized it was just a company with some mottos – and some darn good pure good stuff

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    1. hi – funny how the snake oil salesman analogy still does make it ways around as a metaphor to beware of false claims –
      and in this case – i think the soap makers say true it soap works in conjunction with therapy and a plan – the other side of the bottle
      explained it a bit more

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  2. Interesting all the claims pure castile soap can make to cure what ails you. 🙂 My mom, when she was a young woman, had long, curly hair and used pure castile bar soap as a shampoo. She used to tell me her hair was soft and shiny and I should try it on my long hair, but I never did. We used to wash wooden furniture with it to remove build-up from waxes.

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      1. My mom always washed the kitchen furniture with it for years (I don’t, but I’m not as fussy of a housekeeper as she was). The house is in Early American – the table/chairs and corner cabinet are maple and she set it kept them clean. Then we’d polish them afterward.


    1. I am not sure this Heal Soul! Is a best seller for them – but the peppermint one has been out of stock a few times over here too – and it really is a great all natural soap


    1. hi Carl
      i think i missed the point of the soap – they were suggesting to use psychedelic therapies for those things and the soap was one part of a recovery journey – something like that!

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    1. hahaha – i think they were saying that psychedelic therapies should be tried for that and the soap was just a lm additional part of recovery for anyone needing to heal – something like that!

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    1. Wow, Yvette. This is what I need to do, too. I am using this sick time to cut back to almost zero sugars at least. Then maybe I can start over.


      1. Hi Marsha – well I recently heard someone say that “we today have it easier” to cut back on sugar because of so many advanced healthy products that use stevia – while that is true – it is never easy to break free from what our culture has conditioned us to like – ha – it really is a change in lifestyle and mindset
        and so best wishes as you cut back

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    1. Hi there – I agree with you about advertising and I think once I explored the label more – they were implying that the soap was one part of what could help heal – and they were actually decorating for psychedelic drug theory which I know nothing about and do not care to ever explore – thank for the comment 🙂


  3. As my skin is very sensitive, I prepare soaps and oils for my family and me. For eg: Ubtan, Aloe Vera,Rose and fruits and vegetables soaps. Herbal hair oils using my home-made coconut oil for eg: Shoe flower and shikakai oil ,Onion and Aloe Vera oil, Curry Patta and Shoe flower leaves oil.

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    1. they have it in bars too – but the liquid seems to showing up in more and more stores – but I heard this brand refused to be carried by Walmart (a few years ago) because they did not agree with their policies – anyhow, maybe someday it will make it to your area – our local store now has four or five kinds of their liquid bottles


  4. Hey nice photo. I have some of that flavor a roommate left and like the smell. But I’m more partial to the peppermint.

    BTW I published the bicycle-relevant portion of your comment. I get where you’re coming from, I just feel differently like the majority, But it doesn’t really matter, because I can’t get un-shot. Maybe you could write a post with all your thoughts on the subject. I generally eschew the name calling but didn’t in that case and you’re probably right that’s a good thing to avoid, although it’s a very popular thing amongst we humans.

    Be well and keep on shooting!


    1. Thanks for the comment and the peppermint one is my fav too -( also good for laundry)
      And regarding the comment – good idea to only publish trhay bike related part. And regarding me addressing “that” topic in a blog post here –
      Thanks for the idea but I simply don’t have true time to draft a post nor do I feel it would be appropriate here –
      Have a good day


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