Street Art from Florida (Manatees and Ray)

Hello everyone

some public art to start the week off with –

Here is some fun street art from the Florida Keys

I was actually looking for the yoga class info when we took these shots – but they were not having them that weekend

Closing with some humor


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33 thoughts on “Street Art from Florida (Manatees and Ray)

  1. Yvette, I love the wrap-around building art, vibrant and so cute. Great quote as well and so true … often we want clarity straightaway in our lives and realise later it just doesn’t work like that!

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  2. I enjoyed my visits to the keys. I meandered around the town and found some interesting placed.
    I didn’t see these. Thanks for posting. The Hemingway house was an intereting tour and one I craved to see.
    Hope you had the opportunity to visit it, Yvette. Have a good week …. Isadora 😎


    1. Hi Isadora – I think that those photos were taken near the upper keys (and perhaps Islamorada) but might have been middle keys – I just know it was nowhere near key west (one of lower keys) and I hope everyone gets to visit the Hemingway house – well for those who appreciate hemingway’s work – and glad you were able to ….

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  3. BEAUTIFUL Street art, I just Love the ocean art with the Manatees and Rays! We have some of that in our Beach towns with whale and dolphin art and it’s always so cool to see!! ❀️ 🐳

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  4. What fun murals. I love Charlie Brown! He’s always in a pickle. The ocean art is magnificent. Thanks for sharing, Yvette. I will be doing this week’s PPAC as well.

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  5. Lovely street art and captures. With street art painted on the wall like that, the artists would probably need to get permission from somewhere. Here in Melbourne, we’ve got some street art high up on walls that are stunning. Must be quite the effort to make art up so high.

    That large shot is pretty candid. Poor Charlie Brown stuck there at the back of the truck. At least he has a good view of the road. Thoughtful quote too. Sometimes we don’t know how to interpret uncertainty until much later on. It isn’t until we have lived and we learned that we look back and see it was a time much needed. Hope you are well heading into the holiday season, Y.


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