Double Dipping Down Memory Lane (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #181 & Sunday Stills)

Hello Readers, 

The theme for the Lens-Artists’ Photo Challenge is “Double Dipping” and the idea is to connect with multiple blog challenges in one post. Some people do this often (I do it frequently) and so here is the Priorhouse take:

First, let’s connect with Cee’s Flower of the Day (because so many other bloggers have included FOTD, I just had to as well). 

Flower photo: These paper flowers (found on sale) were from a college class that I taught last year. For small group learning, I like to have a little takeaway and so I am always scouting for various items and then I have a bin of options to choose from. We added drops of essential oils (mint and lavender because they are not caustic) which can add a sweetness to the room and also clean the air (sometimes we use citrus because essential oils cheer). 


Thursday Doors is a challenge I just started joining in with again in 2021.  When we saw these huge doors inside the Guitar Hotel in Florida, I had to grab a photo for that challenge. The challenge runs Thursday through Saturday morning.

Third, Food Photos:

Hamburger with greens and ‘shrooms is for BB’s Last On The Card challenge. Not sure why I take so many food photos – but when I scroll my photo library – there they are! Maybe because it is just so awesome to eat good food?

That hamburger meal reminds me of the “What’s on Your Plate” challenge and here are some keto pancakes for that one.

Photo: Keto pancakes.  I do not make these a lot, but they are hearty and can be like a dessert. This batch had almond and cassava flour, vital proteins powder, pasteurized eggs, avocado oil, and a touch of salt and baking soda. These were cooked in avocado oil and butter. Crunchy and satisfying without any crash.

Fourth, connecting with Sunday Stills and WQW because one thing I do for FUTURE joy – is take a handful of “memory collage photos” throughout the year.

 Have you ever done this?  

Do you ever take a photo to grab that precise moment? Capturing extra details around the subject just for the sake of later looking back to remember furniture, clothes, mood, or routine? Last week, I walked into a room and noticed I had four books opened on the table, an empty teacup, purse contents, and some bracelets. I grabbed a photo to capture that moment and later will soak up the memory.

This next photo, from 2001, is an example of a memory collage photo:

Photo: Toddler sleeping. There are many memories from this photo but I will just share about the different pillows. First, those maroon toss pillows I bought with my momma and I remember the day because it was our first week living in Ormond Beach and I was processing the new culture. Second, the colorful circle pillow is a Mary Englebert pillow I bought at her store in Denver in 1996 (summer clearance shopping day with niece and MIL) and when my niece (Y) was older, she took the pillow home. Third, my son’s white pillow – it has birds on it and it is from a set of three high-end feather pillows I bought in early 90s. I kept one (the one my son would later adopt as his favorite pillow) and gave my nieces (J and N) the other ones (these feather pillows were that nice to where everyone loved them). Flash forward to 2001 and my son wore out his bird pillow from two years of use and washing. When we visited my niece “N”- she still had her bird pillow  from when she stayed with us (pristine condition) and generously gave it to my son (we tried finding him a new pillow as he was getting tattered, but they could not be found and he didn’t care for other feather pillows we found – so it was cool that my niece was so generous). The fourth and last pillow is the “friendship” one on the small table (near the photo of my step-daughter as this was her room when she visited; it was also a nice napping space). The friendship pillow was from Becca, a girlfriend I met in Denver and we both had newborns. We ended up getting together a lot (with Katie- who had a refurbished powder blue Volkswagen Beetle). At the time I enjoyed their company but in hindsight, I wish I embraced those friendships more. Many years later I realized the gift it was and realized more about who I was back then. 

Also, if you are thinking about the “future you” – check out this little snippet I found in my “Daily Drucker” book about reinventing (repotting) oneself:


Last up, closing with Clare’s Desktop / Screen Saver share. I do not change my screensavers often – however, last year I did change it a few times just for that challenge. Clare loves the moon (like moonbear – ha) – and so the moon one was especially for her.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks for checking out this post and thanks to the LAPC hosts: Tina, Amy, Ann-Christine, Patti, Sofia, Anne, and Johnbo.

If you are looking for additional January challenges – Cee has two Challenge Pages: 

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Wishing you a nice week. 






31 thoughts on “Double Dipping Down Memory Lane (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #181 & Sunday Stills)

  1. When we double-dip challenges, putting together a post is a lot of work, right, Yvette? Now you know what I go through every week but somehow it works and therein lies the challenge! Very useful info from Drucker too! Love that quote! Good stuff!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Terri, you make it look easy and seamless – but you are right – it can be a bit of work to combine challenges – and you and Marsha are really good at combining. So is a blogger names Jesh.
      Cheers to Drucker and wishing you a great week ahead

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Tina, not sure why the moon screen saver photo didn’t make it ? – here it is again (even though this is nothing like the moon photos you show us – ha – this is just an image I found that showed the phrases in water colors

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, your post encapsulated so many challenges! Cool photos and introductions to the challenges.
    Your keto pancakes look delicious and healthy. It’s so great the wholesome ingredients you use.


  3. I quite enjoyed this post Yvette. So much into some wonderful photos. Your Last Photo is timely as I have mince and am going to make rissoles for dinner Thanks for joining in my challenge 🤗💕


  4. What a wonderful post with wonderful shares!! I enjoyed them all and I can’t remember if I’ve wished you Happy New Year! So I’ll just add that again and I hope you have a super week ahead!! ❤️🤩

    P.S. If my memory serves me right I believe you have an old piano as about a year ago I posted that we were going to find a home for our baby grand. We finally had someone come and pick ours up and it will be used for parts. We had to pay the guy, bittersweet and I talk about it and shared some photos in my most recent post. I’m focusing on saving money for a new keyboard! That makes me excited. 😀


  5. I love that opening flower arrangement by the keyboard. You’ve covered quite a number of challenges, one new to me is the “What’s on your Plate” challenge. I’ll have to check that out. I’m often sharing food images on my personal Facebook account as I think I might know how to cook. My wife has other ideas. >grin<


  6. I’ve never heard of intentionally taking a handful of “memory collage photos” for future reference. I like the idea, although in some ways that’s what I use IG for. Just pics in the moment to remind me of what I saw along the way.


  7. I most enjoyed the memory collage photo. I have a few myself. You never can be too sure when you’re taking one, but for the rest of your life, there it is. I really enjoyed you sharing that. I’ve done a few in blogs myself, never certain anyone can grasp all the details, and absolutely certain the most mundane items are not. ❤


  8. Great post, Yvette. I think you’ve included the most challenges ever! I love the idea of the memory collage and how the pillows and the sleeping child have so many interconnected memories. Drucker’s thoughts also resonate with me. It’s certainly been true for me and my husband. We’ve reinvented ourselves several times during our careers. 😀


  9. Hi Yvette, there was so much to love in this post, it’s hard to begin. I loved the pillow story and read it twice. So sweet. The report about reinventing yourself is so applicable at every age. Life is a constant change and readaptation. Sometimes so much so I think it is hard (Not impossible) to stay in the same career for years and years because we change and the world changes sometimes too drastically to keep up with even with training. As a trainer and trainer of trainer in education, the world changed so fast that if you didn’t keep teaching and learning (as a trainer) your training was outdated because your touch with “the real world” was outdated. That’s why I loved being in the classroom even as a trainer so that I could make sure that the techniques that I trained teachers to do — worked. Great post, Yvette – lots of truths.


  10. That is a lot of challenges to participate in Yvette – very awesome on your part. I like those delicate flowers … they look so dainty next to the keyboard and I have to say that your up-close photo of the hamburger sizzling with peppers, onions and ‘shrooms calls to me (even more than the pancakes, another treat I love, but have not indulged in for a while). That is a very colorful quilt – I like it.


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