Tuesday Squares: This is How I Felt…

Wednesday Squares

(Please note – this is supposed to be a cheerful post– but a few comments that came in made it seem like things are heavy – but February has been awesome and the funerals were for folks in hospice (which does make a huge difference).


This is how I felt

when winter cold


and funeral activities


This is how I felt

when February’s warmth


and normal schedules



This is how I felt

when winter yielded


began drying out



This is how I felt

with blog opened


and posting resumed




Hope you are all having a nice week.

Liking up with Becky’s Squares February’s “odd” theme.

Also, thanks to my Ruth (here) – we know that today’s date (02-22-2022) is extra special: 

“Did you know that today’s date is a Palindrome and an Ambigram? The date will read the same from left to right , from right to left AND upside down! Won’t happen again for millions of years. 22022022”  ~RuthEH


39 thoughts on “Tuesday Squares: This is How I Felt…

    1. Oops – It seems I made things sound rough – it has actually been a sweet month of February and January was not rough, just busy with funeral stuff, hosting family, etc.
      but thanks for the nice comment VJ


    1. Thanks so much Cindy – and not to sound morbid – but funerals sometimes have a way of bringing people together in heart and mind with depth – not like the partying of a wedding or celebrating of a birthday or holiday – there is such depth that I actually feel all enriched from the sharing and from seeing family or connecting with them extra via social media

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  1. Sounds as though you’ve been having a rough time, Yvette. I’m sorry but from this post it seems that things are looking up. My mom passed away at the beginning of this month but because she was ready to go, her quality of life was very poor, and we know she’s in heaven, it was more of a blessing than a sorrowful time.

    Sending you lots of hugs and love,



    1. Oh not a rough time, Janet. My FIL was also ready to go and we thought he was close to asking away in 2018 and so had what felt like extra time. Also, his funeral service was a month after the passing and everyone said how great it was to have a little time to prepare because other funerals are usually so close to the passing. However, the busy stuff with funeral demands and all that did require some effort, but (hope this doesn’t sound) when older people die and they had cancer or hypertension and were in hospice – the passing away is much different than a shock or unpexected.
      However- thanks for the hugs and warm comment – I appreciate your friendship
      and I already sent my condolences for your mother – and side note on that – I felt a bit connected to her passing because of the way you kept bloggers updated – when she moved and then with tasks – sending hugs back your way

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  2. I love your Tuesday squares and I also love your positiveness through this circle of life we must all live. Your photos are great for the odd photos for Becky’s odd square challenge, the lights you shared are so unique, pretty and nicely odd. 🤩 I also loved all that you shared about the date as I didn’t know it’s a Palindrome! So cool, I love numbers and their unique oddness! Have a great week Yvette!! ❤️

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  3. Hi Yvette, I read your post last night and I reread it again this morning. I think you may have added the “Please note?” I don’t recall reading that last night?

    Always interesting and a lesson for me on the power of words and how a few words can change the entire tone of a piece.

    My thoughts last night: Moving, powerful photos and words with an undercurrent of deep sadness yet moving towards hope and positivity.

    This morning, my reread: Still moving, powerful photos and words, yet significantly more cheerful, Spring is upon us, your joy of resuming writing your blog.

    Just my take😊 Now I will read the other comments….I often do not read other comments beforehand, so I am not influenced by other opinions

    Thank you for an always inspiring and great read, Yvette! ❤️

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    1. Hi! Thanks for that really fun comment – having you read it twice like that – with different takeaways really shows how some posts do have different sides.
      And i noticed without the little note I added – the start was a bit sad – but when I used the steel grate photo I was seeing strong and structured and not sad.
      If I was heavy in grief I would have used a sludge photo or abstract swirly kind of thing —/
      Either way – this was a quick post for me and it had led to some fun convo – so thanks again for coming back to leave this comment

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  4. Your absence was felt Yvette and I wish you had been on a memorable vacation on a sunny beach, but alas you were not and instead gathering memories and having sad thoughts. Yes, 2/22/22 was pretty cool – just wait until 3/3/33, not quite as much razmatazz to it.

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    1. Well that 3/3/33 sounded super far away but now to think of it – it is about 11 years from now – and that is crazy to think about – let’s plan on doing something for our blogs (if we are both still blogging then – hahaha)
      And my time Away did include one beach visit – but it was chilly and only a little sunny. Yet I still got to walk in the sand and wade my feet.
      And had a few other mini vacation days tucked in there and feel super grateful …..

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      1. 3/3/33 sounds a little like science fiction doesn’t it? Yes, let’s do something …. diary that up Yvette. Glad you got away for some R&R and a change of scenery … you needed it, especially with the recent passings.


        1. thanks – and not to downplay anything – but the funerals were not taxing emotionally – just busy with the planing and all that – and glad it is not a grievous season for me – my heart goes to those who ache in that way, ya know?

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