LOCAL DELIGHTS (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #203)



Hello Readers

The Lens Artist Challenge this week is to share local vistas. 
I chose to share some Virginia highlights with small delights.


1) The Beach



2) Mountains 

Appalachian Trail


3) Walking Options 


4) Everyday Beauty 

5) Shopping 

A Led Zeppelin outfit on display the same day my Led Zeppelin post (Here) went up (local serendipity).


Sometimes a sale is not really a sale (local trickery).


5) Beauty at Home 

The Priorhouse main interview for June 2020 featured Xingfumama Here

One of my top takeaways from the interview was how much Kate said she enjoyed her home life and being a contented homebody (esp after a bit travel).

I am getting ready to post about my top takeaways for the Bleak House book  (2022 #DickensChalkenge) and because the heroine’s name is Esther- that had me on a rabbit trail of looking up the Jewish Biblical story of Esther to see if Dickens made connections to that Esther.
 I didn’t find much of a connection  but I did stumble upon an interesting note about the story of Hannah. The troubled Hannah, whose name means grace and perhaps means grace in suffering.

One point made was that Hannah had so much trouble at home. 

The commentator noted that perhaps one of the greatest torments in life is when one cannot experience peace at home.

Also, perhaps one of the best gifts in life is to experience peace at home (a peace often overlooked), which Hannah lacked!  

The author also noted that everyone in this world will have setbacks and trials. And sometimes the best we can do is stay strong for that day – that hour – find calmness and perhaps find peace in the quietude of home!

Quiet reflection at home is something that is priceless and can assuage much.

Hannah and Esther both endured a lot in their unique life journey – and both ended with a closing theme that “everything is going to be okay”   A closing theme to their story was that all things might not be good – but “can” work together “for” good.



There is still time to jump in with the Bleak House reading challenge as we are doing the raffle (gift card give away) on June 20th.

The Bleak House free ebook is Here


Trent’s Master Bleak House Challenge post is here 

Priorhouse Bleak House Reminder post is here


Thanks to the Lens-Artist team for hosting challenges and to join in this week – go Here to Anne’s blog








59 thoughts on “LOCAL DELIGHTS (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #203)

  1. Reminds me of my favorite quote: Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow”. Maryanne Radmacher-Hershy

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Well
          I am sure “in the mood for a melody” so be over for tunes in a little bit – where DJ Clive gives a “whole lotta love” thru his posts -//
          You have a great rest of your day

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  2. Thank you Prior for this wonderful blog. I enjoyed your vistas, but also need to hear the words “everything is going to be okay. I’m home again because I’m sick, and I’m still worried about my son.

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    1. Oh Anne, so sorry you are sick and hope your son will be okay! When I read that little note at the start of yo post – my heart went out to you!
      and regarding the note at the end of this blog post – I almost rambled on – because in the book bleak house – if only Lady Dedlock knew her husband offered full forgiveness – if she only knew it would be okay – her tragic ending might have been avoided. –

      Thanks for still managing to host the LAPC and hope it wasn’t too much added stress –

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    1. Tricky indeed – and we have seen some signs that were like ten cents lower – but this was the first time it was the same price before and then discounted – lol

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  3. I just Love all your photos Yvette! And I’m so inspired as I shared on Trent’s blog all that you both are doing for the Bleak House challenge. I have enjoyed reading both of your posts and maybe the next challenge I’ll join in as I’m back to reading books again. It’s been a heck of a dry spell not reading at all but I had such crazy work hours and I just seemed too busy. In the last few months I’ve been reading before bed and I’ve finally finished a novel. It was all about horses, haha, and now I’m reading another horsey book. I’m just proud of myself for reading novels and completing them. You and Trent are so inspiring! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – well Murphy keeps you busy and so read when you can and it sounds like you found some good books that are without the obligation weight!
      That is he worse type of reading (and blogging) and defeats the purpose.
      I am not sure how much of a reader I am – I always have books here and there – topics all over the place – but not a lot of novels! And one reason for the dickens challenge last year was to make time for a dickens classic and then share and discuss it!
      Anyhow – if you do join in next year / we are likely picking s shorter work 💛a novella 💛
      And so possibly more “doable”
      And As much as I like reading – I only want to do so much of it – I want to move and get outside etc

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    1. ⏰⏱🕕
      I might have mentioned this already – but Marsha Ingrao recently summed it up SO well when we were chatting about reading time….
      She said something like ‘there are only so many ways we can spend our 24 hours a day’
      And so we need to be selective and also remember we can’t do every rebbe –

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  4. The first photo, a vista through the slats on a chair, was interesting.
    Lacking peace at home is definitely trauma. Having peace at home is, well, peaceful.

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    1. ☀️Hi Robbie – thanks for the comment about the photos and I can’t wait to hear your takeaways on great expectations☀️📚

      I might get back to it this summer but I am needing a break from dickens

      And I can see why high school reading lists often include great expectations because of the career, money, love, and friendship themes!

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    1. Thanks so much
      That window is the home office that I used during the pandemic – so the photo kind of time stamps that period for me – the room is now a guest room with a n open desk – but no more pandemic hustle in there – whew

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    1. Hi Tierney! Thanks for the note on that photo with the chair and the beach through the patio – I liked the lines and perhaps it would be a nice framed shot!
      It was a trip that was plan D for us – hahah – and so I really took the photo while I was counting my blessings on sometimes changed plans lead to exactly what was needed – ahhhh

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    1. Hi! That slogan for Virginia is kind of silly – but I do like
      The “love” signs we have.
      And we have options but they have their limits – because if someone is from Colorado (my hubs) and used to the those large mountains – well there is compromise –
      Anyhow – thanks for the nice comment

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  5. Great pictures Yvette and what a coincidence you saw the Led Zepplin display the same day your LZ post published. For a moment I thought you had bought that vintage LZ tour shirt for your hubby. So on the two sidewalks, which is the road less traveled? Decisions, decisions … talk about a fork in the road. And that sign for $249.00, regular $249.00 – SMH. Beautiful dewy flowers – were they vincas?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Linda – those are vinca!
      And hubs didn’t want a led zep shirt – but your comment reminded me that I had a led zep shirt in 7th or 8th grade and I liked it so much

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yvette – I thought they were vinca, so delicate! I switched to vinca after my impatiens got so leggy by August. The vincas stayed the perfect height. The only band shirt I had was Bob Seger when I saw him at Cobo when he made the “Live Bullet” album.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. It was Yvette – Bob Seger is a hometown boy for sure. He still lives in Michigan and has for years – he lived in my city for a while and used to play at a local theatre and high schools when he was just starting out.

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