#Sunday Stills in Pink (14June2022)


hello everyone – joining the Sunday Stills Pink theme this week

1) Spring Blooms from 2020 (they might look purple but they were pink)

2) Hydrangea – also from 2020 (will never have these little gems again – they don’t do well for me)

3) Coleus blooms from yesterday! Hot off the press!

4) Can you guess what this is? It is compost tea for the garden! The bucket is orange (not pink) but had to share this easy recipe: To make one version of compost tea is to add three or four scoops of Black Cow brand manure to a bucket and fill with water – let sit overnight and in the morning there is a liquid that gives plants nourishment. Then they have better blooms or fruits. ☀️

5) Pinkish-purple backlight 

6) Pink uplight 







62 thoughts on “#Sunday Stills in Pink (14June2022)

  1. I am going to share that recipe for Compost Tea with Baby Girl and the Handsome Surveyor. They put in several fruit trees last fall maybe this will help the little trees grow strong and have tasty fruit? 😀

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    1. Now that comment made me so glad I added the compost tea here – I almost did not –
      Anyhow – another option is to add the Manure to the soil (we like black cow brand)

      And that way the plants will slowly get some nutrients that way – and with tomatoes I heard to place a mound of it in between the plants (near their mounds) and the slow release will feed them.

      Sometimes when plants look like they need a lift – I will add some (a little) plant food into the compost tea

      Hope your week is going well

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        1. Oh how exciting – I think I saw it on The show with Paul Jed (the Gardner guy!)
          I watched so many of his shows in mid 2000s and was sad when he had a few injuries and said that was one of the reasons for ending his show in 2009!

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  2. Stunning versions of pink, Yvette! Oddly hydrangeas are one of the few flowers I can actually keep alive! Love the suitcase/blacklight shot! Glad you could hop into Sunday Stills this week–pink is popular apparently 😉

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    1. Hi Terri
      Yes this pink theme did seem popular – and I wish I had time to see all of the posts (might try and get to them still this week)
      And hope your week is off to a nice start

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    1. Hi Nora – thanks for the comment and I think that suitcase photo could be a nice story prompt (and I just saw it there one night and no exciting story in taking the image)

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  3. Pretty in pink blossoms – very nice Yvette. I have some Twist-and-Shout Hydrangeas. They turn either pale pink or pale blue depending on the acidity in the soil. Mine are pink. Your Compost Tea reminds me of my grandmother. She had a green thumb and in those days I had a lot of flowers in my backyard. She bought me some worm manure – she bought it from a salesman who came into the neighborhood selling it door-to-door. My mother and I never knew if it was real worm manure or not – just a small bag, like a brown paper lunchbag. When I worked at the diner, we had large five-gallon pails which our pickles came in. We would throw all our eggshells (we sold a lot of breakfasts) and all our coffee grounds into separate buckets (similarly we sold a lot of coffee). Customers were on a list to get a bucket of these goodies. My manager put coffee grounds on his lawn – it was green and lush and eggshells on his roses, big bloomers. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the garden tips Linda!
      I am not sure if they do it admire – but Starbucks used to give out coffee grounds for garden use! And my mother used eggshells in her soil!
      So cool your diner collected those – I think the US should start the food scrap recycle program – sigh
      And your hydrangea sound awesome

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      1. Hi Yvette – our “waiting list” was kind of funny, as my manager tried to be fair about it. But we’d still have eggshells and coffee grounds in Winter and people would take them and cover them with bags to use as soon as the snow was gone. I took home some for our house – great, it smelled like coffee when it rained.

        Here’s a tip for slugs – don’t buy into the idea of slug catchers that you fill with beer. I got some from Gardener’s Supply, then bought beer to fill in it – the yeast was supposed to attract the slugs who crawled in and drowned. The slugs were eating my hostas like crazy and I spent a fortune on “Sluggo” to sprinkle around the base of the plants. The yard smelled of beer as did the tap area … and I still had slugs!

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    1. Hi Robbie
      You comment said “compose” tea (when it is compost with a “t”) – which I love the little typo because I think that COMPOSE TEA is needed too!
      maybe we can make a tea for composing books and meals – hahahah

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        1. Well a nice slip of the finger (or that auto correct has a mind of its own at times and really annoys me!)
          And cheers to tea!
          The many types of wonderful tea!

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    1. Hahahaha
      The bucket actually has almost no odor – really -! Not sure why – and when you pour the liquid it has no odor
      However – when scooping it from the bag – yuck!!

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        1. Hi
          Yes I think you might be right –
          And funny because after I read your comment I realized I shared a “photo of a bucket of poop”


        2. Hahaha
          And so I really did share a “bucket of shit”
          In a post
          Now that would make a good tshirt next time you run a poll for tshirt logos (jk)

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