32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Pull Up a Seat (22June2022)

  1. My favorite is the last one, the bench with the hat. It makes you wonder what happened? πŸ€” Curious and a great wordless Wednesday!


    1. Hi Diana
      I like that photo ring called curious and i hope the owner is able to trace their steps and find it.
      Some things are too easy to leave behind – hats, sunglasses, an expensive travel mug (sigh)

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    1. Yeah / and it looked like a good one / maybe they can come back and find it still there – that happened to me with earrings a couple of times

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  2. The baseball cap on the bench is my favorite one. It makes me wonder where the wearer of it went and hope that he’ll remember to come back for it soon!


  3. I remember your recent interview and this Challenge – this is your first time to do it then Yvette?

    I like the baseball cap on the bench – makes you want to look underneath it? Was something left behind. Is there a hidden camera to see the reaction if you pick it up?

    That looks like a well-stocked Little Library


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