EYES (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #205)

Hello Readers

The Lens-Artist Challenge this week has an “eyes” theme.

The first photo  is special because check this out- I took the photo a long time ago. It reminded me of a mini photography lesson Tina Schell gave us on her blog here.

I have been meaning to share the photo but never had the chance, until today, because Tina is hosting and she just so happened to choose the eyes theme.


1) Eyes with catch lights for Tina 


The photo with the eyes was in a folder that had some street shots – most were from a trip to Destin, FL – so I decided to just use some for the rest of this “eyes” post.

2) Calling this next set of eyes “LAYERED”


3)  Next up we have the lady on the right giving me “the eye” – it reminded me of a family member who used to give someone the “mean eye look” to show disapproval. Did you ever know anyone who had such dramatic use of their eyes?


4) Now we have two guys who were outside a gas station.  The first one is not the best quality (sunlight) but I liked the essence with the pup, Santa, two beards, and camo pants.


This next guy reminded me how some of the pandemic coverings were like disguises.


Eyes in Disguise!

5) This next lady had a story to tell with her eyes – with the makeup and tattoo. We met this nice lady while shopping for some discounted books to read while visiting family. 

6) Speaking of books – Check out this book cover. This was a casual read with lots of quotes and encouragement. The author is from NYC and so it has that vibe as well.

The eyes and posture suggest that Vinny Verelli is one cool dude! Reminded me of Robert De Niro.


Thanks for joining me for this post.  To join in this week – go HERE








39 thoughts on “EYES (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #205)

        1. Congrats on the new book Miriam – woo hoo (and all of my projects are on pause right now – I might start chipping away again in august – ☀️📚🙏


    1. Tina – I am
      So shoot I found them so quickly because some
      Photos are on a hard drive and that it like digging through the basement -!
      (I loved your mini lesson on catch lights)
      And hey – who said walls don’t have eyes ?? That one did


      1. I always learned it as the “evil eye” too Yvette. I think the first instance of the expression “side eye” I read/saw, was when Sophia Loren cast her eyes on Jayne Mansfield’s dress. Have you ever seen the photo – it is quite famous? I’ll send you a link from Wikipedia now in a separate comment.


        1. I didn’t know if you’d seen it Yvette – even if you had, it is a little smile. She did not hold back her impression!


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