49 thoughts on “Tuesday Street Shots (28June2022)

    1. Hahaha
      Thanks for sharing that image! It was fun to imagine
      And I took photos while waiting for an appointment (which we then decided to cancel and went to lunch) and so in under ten minutes i grabbed some “people shots” and ended up having enough for three short posts – in this post I was going for the legs and shapes with lifted feet, etc

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    1. Hi / thanks for sharing the one you liked and if I could title this post over again / maybe a good title would have been “mankind in motion”

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    1. Thanks for Noting that in the trees – I went back to examine it in the photo and I bet your kitchen was really awesome with that copper

      In that photo – I was actually liking the triangles and spaces in the feet and lower legs
      – and then the shape of the copper top adds to the triangle theme (just noticed that – hmmm)

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    1. hi Diana – that was a takeaway I had from this little set of photos (one ten minute photo shoot spear across three post – this is the third)
      The sprinkling of masks – and I saw a skateboarder wearing one today – it was kind of odd – but couldn’t get a photo –

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  1. Very cool! 😎 Kinda reminds me of sitting on a bench and people watch! I like doing this sometimes at a mall while waiting for the shopper (usually my daughter! Lol) in a store. 💜

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  2. Looks like everyone is wearing the same kind of sneaker-type shoes, except one woman is is falling out of her backless shoes and another who has loopy things on the soles. 🙂


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