Seeing Double (Lens Artist & Digging in the Archives #4)

Hello Readers

I hope everyone is enjoying July 2022.

  • This is day 4 of “digging in the archives” where I am reusing photos from the archives here on the blog
  • Today’s theme is “double” as Jez is hosting the LAPC this week. 

1) Double Yellow 

2) Double Fences 

3) Double Date – ten years ago! 

4) Double High Fives – nine years ago 

5) recycled comics – from many years ago but still applicable 

LAPC = Seeing Double






55 thoughts on “Seeing Double (Lens Artist & Digging in the Archives #4)

    1. Hahsh I like that double trouble idea

      But not sure I would liken”double the failure rate” beside in the little quote it sounds fine but in real life would be a lot of misery🙁

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    1. Thank you Robbie
      It is hard to believe ten years have gone by – and sometimes I wish I could go back to 2012 be sure I would have done things a little different – but “no regrets” – just acceptance
      And hope your day is going well

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      1. I suppose everyone has things in their past they think would have resulted in a different current outcome if they’d been done differently. The problem is, we don’t know what else would change in our lives if one small thing in the past changed.


        1. Robbie / your wisdom is true here!
          And while I know this – I wrestled with some regret this last week – and it was a choice I made around nine or ten years ago (to settle for something feather than make a change – )
          But you nailed it with this

          “they think would have resulted in a different current outcome”

          Because we assume that the other route would have been better – and so thanks for the comment because it encouraged me greatly this morning!
          And I do trust that God was with me when I made those choices – and trust that all things work together for good – and my gratitude list is really long –
          Including being grateful for summer, for my blog, and even for your interview last week!!

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  1. Wonderful Yvette – several smiles this morning especially at the pumps. With the price of gas these days it’s important to find a way to laugh to keep us from crying!!!


    1. Good morning Tina – yes – anything that can bring a laugh or smile is needed – and not just has and inflation- we See a lot of folks coming out of the pandemic with some heaviness
      – and looking forward to good times ahead

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  2. That’s a fun selection of photos. I enjoyed them, especially the double yellow lines. I like how you captured a leaf that distracted slightly from the clean lines. And the smiles on the faces – always love those too!


  3. Great collection of “double” photos Yvette. I like the cartoon of the two pumps, one of them Chanel No. 5 which is probably true – they are both liquid gold these days.

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    1. Hi Linda
      Sorry I missed your comment –
      That is the second time I missed one of yours?
      And liquid goo indeed – even tho I never liked Chanel #5 – but I know it had its day!

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      1. A fellow blogger responds to my comments and they never show up in notifications, although his “like” does. This happened three times in a row and I finally went to his site as I had written something that would pique his interest – he had responded days before and I looked on other posts, same thing. A WordPress glitch I guess – sigh.

        Chanel #5 and its beautiful spokesperson, Catherine Deneuve, were stunning ads/commercials back in the day.


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