46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Many Moods of Trees

    1. Oh Lady Sighs – I can relate to that a little right now as I feel a little betrayed by “church people” – but let’s remember that even in the midst of the hurts cast our way (because hurt people hurt people – and the “small” folks who lack growth are often the MILITANT ones or forget to love and be kind) so when we remember that- we can get filled with grace and have some understanding
      Because a weeping willow doesn’t truly weep – they have relaxed branches that sway with beauty and often go with the flow of life –
      So let’s stay grounded and not let hurtful people (or our own mistakes) cause us to lose our joy – and make sure it doesn’t cause us to withdraw because then everyone loses –
      For in the midst of the social hurts there is also connecting and growth!

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    1. Thanks Diana
      And guess where that was?
      It was at a yoga class- this large room and the window had that beautiful shade in front of it. That location is a bit of a drive but I go once in a while

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      1. In a four-season state, we hate to see the leaves drop as it signals Winter. My neighbor’s Magnolia bush is blooming again, the third time this year. That never used to happen; once in Spring then done.


        1. Yvette – this is the third or fourth year this odd blooming has happened. It began after we had a warm Spring, it bloomed, then we had a hard freeze. It’s been messed up since. I have a Japanese Weeping Lace-leaf Maple. It had leafed out and got freezer burn as did other trees in the neighborhood who have this petite tree – brown leaves the rest of the Summer and never dropped its leave in Fall.


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