Monday Morning Blooms, #EMOJIKU Poem with Cindy G

Hello Readers, 

It is the last Monday in July 2022 and I have two Monday Morning Bloom images to share!


First – Beauty on the Pavement 

I call this photo – “beauty in trials” because life can still be beautiful when you hit the pavement. Sometimes “eating humble pie” is the very best thing for long-term wellness and overall nourishment. Do you know what I mean? I also just like the light and vibe of this photo with the hard man-made pavement and the soft God-made natural beauty. Such contrast and a reminder that beauty and love can overcome hardness and meanness. 


Second, One Moment at a Time

I call this “One Moment at a Time” because the clear focus on the flowers (a humble warm-colored bouquet) reminded me that to be present for each moment is to stop and appreciate the flowers. It is to pause and smile at the beauty that is there


Closing with a collaborative poem, an emojiku, that Cindy G. and I had fun creating in her comment section here.

 We did a “free form” version but the original emojiku (cleverly created by Cindy and Geoff) was designed to use the haiku format while using emojis prompts.

Prior’s start:

Cindy’s response



I still cannot believe July 2022 is almost over?!
I have a handful of goals I am working towards. One of the goals is to make more and more progress on the “garden analogies” book and guess what? The book cover is almost done and I hope to do a cover reveal in my next post.

What about you? What are some things you have planned for this last week in July? 









35 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blooms, #EMOJIKU Poem with Cindy G

  1. My last week in July is one I look forward to every year, Yvette. It brings my son and family here, and this week his partner will be sharing her 30th birthday with us. A privilege and a pleasure.

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    1. Hi – thanks for reading and the cover is rather simple but it felt “done” and sometimes just need to not overthink it –
      Have a great week


  2. love your post and beautiful flowers Yvette and always the reflections of wisdom!
    I loved playing with you here in the free form approach Yvette!
    Sooo cool and fun! 💖💖💖 Bravo!!!

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  3. I love the flowers and the bougainvillea on the gravel. I also liked the words . Don’t hold grudges….that is so important! I am still some what held back due to my hip fracture but I will enjoy this last week of August nonetheless. I have an interview with a Paralympian that I will be posting on Wednesday. Her life changed forever in an instant. When I think of that I feel grateful for having just a small hip fracture!

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    1. Hi anne – I look forward to your Paralympian interview and will be sure to check it out. And you have had such a great attitude with being sidelined – reminds me that we plan but can only plan so much!! Life happens
      And cheers to the wisdom on “not holding grudges”
      And what helps me with “bumps” “setbacks” and “offenses” is to remember that with depth of understanding we can process to heal and forgive
      To heal and improve
      To heal and move on
      To heal and love more
      To heal and make needed changes

      To heal and then live with more zest than before

      And this applies to when your hip heals and you are back in the saddle again

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  4. Very pretty Yvette – I like both the free-falling blossoms and more traditional flowers, standing up straight in a vase. Well next weekend is supposed to be more like normal July temps and sunny and bright, so I will try to spend both days outside at some of my favorite venues before the heat cranks up again or we have rainy/stormy weekends prevail.

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    1. I hope you get to enjoy some of your favorite venues, Linda
      And thanks for joining me on this Monday post – I cannot believe the month is almost gone – well…. not quite yet!💙

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      1. For meteorologists they chart Summer as “meteorological Summer” and today on Twitter we were shown a “you are here” chart so we could see how we’re creeping toward Fall and snowflakes. Everyone had to comment “no, not yet” but this week’s cooler temps are welcome. Enjoy your week Yvette.

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  5. A lovely post Yvette. Mu only plan is to take each day as it comes. The weather adds uncertainty. If I can go for a hike or a walk I see it as a bonus.

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  6. I love all the parts of this post, Yvette. The roses on the pavement remind me to accept help getting back on my feet and moving ahead. The emoji poem is adorable and very inspirational. Your pictures are sweet too. Good luck with your goals, and don’t leave the cows out in the rain too long. 🙂 LOL

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    1. Hahahaha

      Your humor and light hearted vibe is always refreshing Marsha ….

      And I love your take on the flowers on the ground –
      “The roses on the pavement remind me to accept help getting back on my feet and moving ahead”
      Like that a lot !

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    1. Hi Dan/ thanks for checking out this post! And I changed the cover since I last posted but now it is fully done – hahaha –
      ((Did you change knuckleheads cover a lot?))

      And the month had a stressful start but such a sweet twist and relaxing second half — ahhh
      And very glad to have finally gotten to the cover for book that had been in draft for so long.
      Hoping for a November release date

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        1. Yes!
          And by the way – I took two snippets out of knuckleheads to point out something I really liked about the writing style – I will share it soon (been catching up on a lot of stuff this last two weeks)

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      1. Ugh, stupid phone, I hit send before I wanted to. Having the cover makes it seem real. I’m going to reveal the cover of the second book in my series in a week or so.

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        1. They were all complete in March. I’d been working on them for over two years, but held off because I kept finding reasons to go back and change the earlier stories. I plan to release them in rapid sequence – maybe they will be some momentum. Mainly, I’m ready to move on. So, June 1st, Sept 1st and Dec 1st seem likely release dates.

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