Three Images (Lens Artists Photo Challenge 30July2022)

Hello Readers


The Photo Challenge this week is to share three favorite images.

It is always tough to pick “favorites” because favorite for what? Composition , clarity, color, essence, mood, content, subject, abstract, etc?

So I looked through my recent archives and started there. What were some favs?

The first image I found was looking up at a tree while we did an overnight hike to see St Mary’s Falls in Virginia.

it just so happened that I took three different images of this same dead tree because it was at our (very private) campsite right next to the Falls.

FIRST IMAGE: Tree from St Mary’s Falls in VA

Here is the tree in the afternoon – at dusk, and then in the morning.

SECOND IMAGE: Metal Garden Art in Tampa, FL

This is another favorite photo from 2022 – from February 

Remember when I said I wasn’t sure what category to pick for favorite images? When I saw this photo it was favorite for ESSENCE. Why? Because this was taken at my cousin’s house in Tampa, FL. They are my favorite cousins (such loving folks) and the photo whispers so much to me! The two hearts have double the love feel, the faucets hint at giving potential and nurturing. The flower pot above adds to the vibe as does the foliage and shadows and stucco (feeling all Florida to me, which I like). The mood is also calm.

THIRD IMAGE: Patio at the Harbor in Norfolk, VA

For our anniversary this year, the hubs and I took an easy local getaway to the Norfolk/Hampden Roads area in Virginia. I took this next photo during that short trip. It was Spring of 2022 and sadly, the eateries still had the pandemic empty vibe.

I wondered if I should crop the bottom? Which do you like better – Cropped or uncropped?

To Join the Challenge this week – Go HERE (and thanks to Sarah for hosting this week)








70 thoughts on “Three Images (Lens Artists Photo Challenge 30July2022)

    1. Jennie! Thanks for the feedback – you might be the first to pick the uncropped….
      And I like both but might like uncropped a little more because it makes the photo less formal.
      The post lower left also brings the eye there and then around
      And could bring a human warmth because that is what we tie and connect to….
      So rather than just a sunset with distant items we have that foreground item that is clutter on one hand but on the other hand it could be inviting and balancing (just thinking haha)

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  1. These are great examples of favorites. The meaning behind the photos is the important part. I like the cropped photo a bit more than the uncropped one. Thanks for sharing and explaining your selections.

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    1. Thanks for th feedback on the cropped image –
      Also thx for taking the time to read about the photos today.
      And I was glad to find a few favs from the year so far but I don’t think any of these will make my “end-of-year-favorites” – hmmmm – I guess I’ll see when I pick in December
      Hope you have a geeat day


    1. Thanks Derrick – good point – and that bottom pyramid speaking is what changes the whole feel to me -it brings people into the frame – and brings a human presence compared to the more quiet solitude of the cropped image.
      I like both but also think the second one has the post (pyramid) at a key spot in lower left area (rule of thirds like) and the small pointing up of that post seems to bring visual interest and brings the eye there and then up ….
      Thanks for the feedback

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  2. I like these pictures, Yvette – especially the tree! As for cropping the boat picture, I remember showing my kids a picture I took of the East River from a high rise window. I cropped out some smokestacks in the background, but the general opinion was that the picture was better with them in.

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    1. Hi Book Club Mom! That is so interesting about the smokestacks and how your kids liked them in the shot.
      I think some of the extras in photos really do change the mood so I wonder if it depends on what the photo is for? And sometimes less can be quieter – so I bet the version of your photo without the smokestacks was a little quieter (even if they preferred the other)
      Thanks for chiming in on that photo and the crop

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    1. Thanks for your perspective John and I think this post has reminded me of one thing – which is the fact that a small horizontal bottom crop can really change an image…..

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  3. Love the morning best in the first group, because it gives me a little of everything.

    The metal garden shadows, they rock.

    And I like the last group uncropped. It looks like a shark’s fin . . . a rather obese shark’s fin but hey, still counts. 😉

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    1. Hahahaha
      I am still laughing at the obese shark fin – and it makes sense because he is likely eating all those industrial seed oils and having too many carbs given to him from the boats (kidding)
      But it does look like a fin
      And thanks for the feedback –

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  4. You must have really liked that tree that was amazingly tall and skinny with its branches gone. But it served a purpose for you. I like the metal garden art as well. I like the clean look of the cropped version, but the bottom uncropped version makes you feel like you are standing alongside you, the photographer. Those are interesting clouds in the background.

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    1. Thanks for your detailed feedback Linda and I like how you noted the uncropped brings the viewer along side with me

      I felt something like that with it also

      And the funny story about the tree is that I took about 70 photos that hike and most were of the green and the many blooms (that was a treat) and so the only blue sky photos I had ended up being from that tree!
      I started mentioning that in this post but the post got too long for a photo challenge one – but it was interesting to see three sky shots out of 79!

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      1. Yes, like we, the reader, are alongside you for the ride. Tall trees fascinate me – you wonder about the tall dead ones, how they don’t topple over when stripped of their branches up top?

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  5. My favorite was the metal art – of course, public art, but the sunset over the water was romantic and beautiful. I prefer it cropped because the point of the boat or whatever that was doesn’t add anything to the picture. All great shots, my friend.

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  6. Yvette, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA was my homebase for many years. So many good times with much to see and do. Your picture brings back many memories of times spent around boats and the water. (BTW, I think it looks better with the bottom cropped.) And, the shadows of the faucets and hearts on the wall on the wall is very special!😊

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