Groove & Displacement (Lens Artists Photo Challenge, 7Aug2022)

Hello Readers. The Photo Challenge this week is What’s Your Groove?

Finding my groove sometimes involves looking for something interesting to capture in a 10-minute photo shoot.  And I am sure most of us know that this activity helps us see the beauty that is all around us!  Beauty we might become blind to; beauty that can be highlighted in a photo. 



I noticed bricks and foliage on an old loading dock in Richmond, Virginia. From far away it looked like this:

A photo allowed me to highlight line design and a cascading vibe on the interesting bricks:

I also saw a bit of design in the cracked and melted paint.


The theme (about what is your groove) connected to my summer 2022 learning more about Winston Churchill.

My favorite Churchill quote reminded me that whatever “life groove” we might have – and then maybe whatever groove we do “not” have – we should AlWAYS remember three things:

  • Success is not final
  • Failure is not fatal
  • What counts is the courage to continue

As I discovered more about Churchill’s quirky ways, excellent orating skills, and his tenacious fighter side – this led to the sad part about his huge displacement after WWII!   Churchill had such a groove as PM during WWII (and I think it was a divine appointment, perhaps like Esther, where previous life setbacks strategically positioned them for “such a time as this” – to help save their people).
But after finding such a key leadership groove, Churchill was rejected, sidelined, and gravely displaced, which reminded me how quickly favor can shift!


In a groove one day and cut down or silenced the next!

This last week, we had the chance to watch a few more episodes from “The Morning Show” (2019) – which is an APPLE TV Emmy-winning series. This star-studded show (including a guest appearance from the awesome  Martin Short) depicts the facade that exists in the workplace (and often in life). The excellent writing gave us takeaways about status and perceptions, power, fear, fairness, sloppy living, truth telling, deception, relationships, and ethics.

The character Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is in major crisis. Mitch was in a career groove and then was axed! Allegations of sexual misconduct came out (height of the Me Too movement) and the part that resonated with me was how Mitch was silenced!


Mitch is distraught because of being silenced, and in one scene, he desperately exclaims, “They won’t even engage in a discussion with me?”

A photography groove allows me to capture little video snippets from shows.

Do you know what this feels like – to be accused and then not allowed to even be engaged in a  discussion? I think this kind of treatment might be one of the biggest assaults on human dignity!

If you don’t know what it feels like to be silenced or not allowed to speak – it hurts!

It is wrong.

And Mitch is in shock because he cannot even be part of the discussion (this is egregious).

Being silenced feels like someone put their foot on the back of your head and pressed your face into the grass!


The last thought I have about finding a groove – and connecting to photography – happened last week when I met a former student for coffee. I brought a little card game and we played it for about 25 minutes and then chatted (the only reason I had the game was because I was cleaning out the guest-room closet – Getting rid of more stuff – and found this little game and thought she might want it). Anyhow, as we tried to guess the correct words, we gave each other extra hints, which was fun. She gave me a hint for the word “documentary” and It still brings me joy! The clue she gave me for the word documentary was “the reason why you take so many pictures.”  Hahaha – indeed that IS one of the reasons why I take so many darn photos 📸.
I asked her to say it again so I could record it – she did – and here it is.

One reason this little moment brought such a huge smile is because this person knows me! She knows my groove (always taking pictures- lol) and she also knows some of my life dreams…. Gosh, it felt good to be “known” and maybe times like this – well maybe they make up for the times we don’t feel perceived properly! Times of feeling heard and known can assuage times of feeling misunderstood, not heard, and gravely displaced. 
Can you relate?


FindIng your groove feels like a bit of floral beauty in the midst of tangles.

To Join the Challenge this week- check out Anne Sandler’s blog.







66 thoughts on “Groove & Displacement (Lens Artists Photo Challenge, 7Aug2022)

  1. It can take a lifetime, and then some, Yvette, but I’m glad you understand your groove so well and are receptive to others. So true about Churchill and leadership qualities – right time, right place but then rejected. 🙄💟

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi restless Jo! Winston chuchhill’s story fascinates me – and I like how you said “right time – right place – then rejected”


    1. Thanks so much VJ – I know we are quite late to check out The Morning Show – but glad it made it to our list – such good writing and acting.
      Hope you had a nice weekend

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi VJ – so many we want to see also – and side note – season 2 of the morning show is not off to the best start. We might be done with it. But we will decide later (when we have a chance to watch something) have a great day

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  2. What an interesting and thought provoking piece. You’re so right, I think being heard and understood is one of the fundamentally important things in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miriam – thank you so very much for your comment. Even if we cannot guarantee being full understood (perceptual filters and bias and noise always interfere with being understood ) but having the chance to be heard– yes I like how you said “fundamentally important things in life.”

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OK for starters I was in a way disappointed that your groove wasn’t your street photography which I love. A different take on the challenge for sure. It was quite interesting with all those snippets. My favourite like everyone else is the peeling bark tree but that’s predictable from me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thanks BB! Your comment was in line with how I shared my former student knew me – because to mention street photos is to “know me”
      So thanks for that!
      And what was nice about this week’s photo challenge was just taking a little time to capture fresh images.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lots of great photos here Yvette. The brick building with all the vines trailing down was my favorite, but the peeling bark was unique too – it looked like it was moving in the picture. The wood looked like it had a face. So much to photograph and so little time.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I felt like I was standing there seeing the bark in slow mo. I went thru and organized some of my archives to make Wordless Wednesday posts for the future – one on signs as I’ve collected some unique ones and I’ve since added more – more to organize and I kept them on a flash drive. A project for Winter I think at this point.


        1. I am excited about seeing some posts with signs – they can be so interesting – and Linda – you have really found a groove with your weekly posts with the wordless and then the article one – and I have some winter projects already on my list too!

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I have collected quite a few signs Yvette and I was driving out in the country over 4th of July weekend and saw a barn with a vintage ad on it. It was a faded red barn and I think it was a Coca-Cola ad. There was someone behind me and I couldn’t pull over as it was a two-lane rural road with a ditch and I forgot driving home – wrong side anyway and nowhere to turn around there as it’s all farms. I’d like to go back there and use that as my header photo. I’ll wait ’til Fall when the colors are out and maybe get some pumpkin shots at roadside stands while I’m out there – it’s about 25 miles from me. I’ve collected quite an assortment of signs so far.

          Yes I like that groove Yvette and the only time I stray from it is for a special occasion or holiday and then I don’t publish a Monday post … when I retire (no set date for that) I will likely stick with the same posting schedule.

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    1. Hi Jennie – and thanks – and regarding Churchill’s post war displacement – I forgot to add that I thought it was a good call. He was a leader that had what it took for war (he was tenacious, diplomatic and friendly with ally leaders, and open to ideas – like with that of Turing, new spy groups, and ghost armies – but with his daily alcohol and abruptness (and possibly high narcissistic traits and low emotional regulation) a new leader was likely the absolute best idea for post war. So even tho I agree – I just never realized what Churchill must have gone through – and one time he said “wish it was 1940 again” (something like that) – but he was also appreciated even if sidelined.
      Thanks for your comment

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  5. I love traveling, but I definitely agree that there is beauty that’s not far away too. And it can get me into my photographic groove as well. I also find some fallen objects and decay beautiful.


    1. Hi Gift. I actually know that little bit about you – and love how your bio said homebody and in “power-saving mode” but also ready to Travel – nice combo


    1. Thanks so much Tracy – it was a bit silly to have her say it again but a long time ago I got over that and just decided if people were willing for a mini (choppy) reenactment it might be worth having just in case🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

      Have a great day and thanks for checking out this post – ☀️😊

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        1. Hi – I don’t think I would have regretted it because I have skipped many reenactment chances because I was “not in the mood” and “no regerts” hahaha –

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  6. It’s awesome to find the beauty in the mundane, Yvette! Looks like you got some good groove with this collection of photos. So interesting to know about Churchill–excellent quote by the way!


    1. Hi Terri
      Thanks for checking out my post – and Churchill was a true wordsmith and knew the power of the right word to inspire people! And I feel like the quote featured here has SO MANY layers – which I guess makes for a good quote eh?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Leya- and for some reason I can get a lot of fun photos in ten minutes (but not five – because I know folks who do a five-minute photo shoot – and that is not enough for me….


  7. Gosh, there’s so much to talk about in this post. You not only think deeply, but you can express your thoughts so clearly and with such passion. Your thoughts on Churchill lead beautifully into the topic of being rejected – the quick turn of the tide. This quote is such a good visual, “Being silenced feels like someone put their foot on the back of your head and pressed your face into the grass!” Sidelining someone is something we all do of necessity sometimes. As a cognitive coach, I know how to get people to talk, and once you do it is hard to stop the flow. And sometimes their flow isn’t compatible with your flow. That is when the conversation becomes tough and you want, or even need to silence them. A person needs to silence abusive talk. Sometimes a person who does not want to be silenced will not listen to cues. This probably happened to Churchill, don’t you think? He was a very prideful man, used to things going his way and people listening to him. Then, poof, the country’s dire need was over. His ideas no longer fit the situation, but it was too hard to change with the times and step aside. As people age, sometimes they age out, as hard as that is. Even the Bible talks about retirement. Elijah was commanded to anoint his replacement, among others, when his time was about to close. I’ve gone on and on here, but your post really digs deep in many philosophical directions. Your photos are excellent as well. Great job, Yvette.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your different takes in silencing and being sidelined!
      You brought up great points about social aspects and communication connections!
      From what I learned about Churchill, he was likely high-narcissistic and drank too much – his low emotional regulation was nurtured because of his power and social status – and Marsha – the more I read about his uos and downs (like he lost money during the Great Depression and his mother was one of the rich (new money) New York ladies who went to England to marry for status – and so really see the chess piece moving strategy from God (we all have it – I believe- but we just have different callings- right?)🙏

      Anyhow – thanks again for taking the time to share from your rich experience.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your post was so arresting, I got lost in thought and got carried away. But that is the joy of blogging, isn’t it? You are such a philosopher. 🙂


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