55 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Walk with Me

    1. Hi Linda – sorry my other comment reply seems to have not made it here!
      Thanks for the comment and I could imagine you walking in many dividers places

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      1. Some bloggers are having trouble with posting comments and replies on WordPress. A few weeks ago, I tried to comment on someone’s post and had to go to their blog site and then log into my WP account to post. Yes, this is right up my alley!


  1. I laughed when I saw the girl with the flowing dress and her date. It almost looked wedding-ish on her part, but not so much on his! fun walks.


    1. Thanks for checking out this post! And on that photo – I can see what you mean – and what I saw in the photo was that it seemed like she was glowing – or plugged in. And I just liked the way the dress seemed to float and then she had that neon swimsuit underneath. It also seemed to complement the other colors left and center!

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