OPPOSITES (Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge, 18Sept2022)

Tina leads the Lens-Artist challenge this week and invites us to share photos that depict opposites.

Above – Rose of Sharon bloom on the shrub.

Below- Rose of Sharon blooms trimmed and discarded.

Earth Runners with white straps (left) with quality materials and made for terrain – opposite – cheap black flip flops (right) that dangerously slide all around when wet!

Above: Well-used phone! Saw this at the store… while waiting to check out… – this phone has seen better days!
 Below is a different phone model and one with much less wear.

A smoothie mix packet mix that befuddles! It says “strawberries are good for you” but then has zero strawberries in it! It also says “No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.” While true, It implies this might be healthy and natural – but there are chemicals! And it does NOT even have strawberries. Zero vitamin C.

Here is what this mix is made of: sugar, corn syrup solids, nonfat dry milk, xanthan gum, natural flavors, sodium citrate, monoglycerides (soybean emulsifier).

And! The package mix also includes bioengineered ingredients! dang! This is why so many People are sick and getting sicker. The front of the pack makes it seem like a healthy smoothie mix – but the ingredients are actually bad for health.



Thanks for your visit. Hope your week is off to a great start. 

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68 thoughts on “OPPOSITES (Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge, 18Sept2022)

    1. Hi chel – I agree and I would eat that pumpkin sugar crap cereal you posted about before i would even touch those mix packets! At least cereal has added vitamins and real milk…..(but still cannot have cereal)

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  1. Thanks for your unusual take on the challenge, Yvette. The food we eat, hey? Happy to say that a smoothie mix purchase has never crossed my lips. Have a great week!


    1. Hi Jo – I am glad this kind of fake food has never tempted you – hah! And what makes me sad is that I can imagine folks innocently buying these to mane being to work for a so-called “health drink” – ugh

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  2. I knew that strawberry smoothie thing was wrong before you explained it. Who’d buy it? Give me a real ripe strawberry and I’ll make my own healthy smoothie thank you very much. 🍓


    1. Hi Jan! I think that was exactly what I was trying to say! “Read labels” and I know they didn’t outright lie and say it had strawberries – they just made a statement- but what deception


    1. Hi JT
      My family loves those eatynrunner and my son has a promo code on his YouTube channel from doing a review for them –
      So if you do get a pair – and want the code – it is
      For a discount on Earth Runners
      And did I mention that they have a piece of copper on the bottom so these sandals also offer “grounding” and helps the human body to connect with the earth more (physical exchange) so they are worth checking into at least – especially as you are an avid walker

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    1. I hope you never have a phone shatter either
      And the one in the photo is a little puzzling – it seems to have a screen cover in it and I wonder if that is what is cracked
      Hard to tell – hmmmm

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    1. Hi Robbie – thanks for your comment – and the deception in marketing needs to be fixed and I wonder if this is a bigger issue here in the States ?
      the FDA allows so many shenanigans


  3. Great comparisons. I could use both pair of shoes. Cute. Like our other readers, frustrating to see the difference in the smoothie ingredients when many “think” its the good stuff.


    1. Cheers to both pairs of shoes and I have not yet tried earth runners because I don’t like their look – but i will try and my spouse is on his fourth or fifth pair – but I d have A LOT of flip flops (and sandals) and feel I need every single pair – hahaha (all good prices too)
      And it makes me sad to think someone would buy that for maybe their lunch and then drink it down thinking they had a nutritious boost when it was an insulin spike!

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  4. Such a fun selection of photos for the prompt. I love the leaf on the string! I was happy to read your clarification on the smoothie mix. UGH, it’s a shame product manufacturers can get away with healthy claims when they contain horrible ingredients!! Whole foods are best!


    1. Hi Shelley – thanks for the reminder that Whole Foods are best (even though the store called “Whole Foods” has tons of products with canola oil, and sugar sugar sugar!)
      And the weird thing is that the package really doesn’t make claims about the product being healthy – so no litigious issues – but the words and phrases used make it come across as a healthy strawberry smoothie!

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      1. You’re welcome. You’re right about Whole Foods. We don’t have one where I live, but I have been to a store and I was surprised at how many products they did have that weren’t healthy as you described.
        Isn’t it amazing how the middle aisle foods are full of those items, it’s obvious they make them look a certain way to make the sales.
        Grab the fresh berries and eat them alone!

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  5. Well done as usual, Yvette – That smoothie will surely stay in my mind…how disgusting. I wonder how people can buy things when they have seen the ingredients…and then drink it too.


    1. Leya – thanks for visiting and reading – and esp for the comment about the smoothie – I have seen deceptive marketing but that smoothie mix is the most deceptive I have seen – and I wonder if this is more an American thing?


    1. Hi Terri – i have pended and still owl a ton of flip flops and many of the “under $30 ones are great! However – for some reason those Adidas ones – are dangerous when wet — lol
      Thanks for your visit and comment

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