Flights of Fancy (LA Photo Challenge, 31OCT2022)

The Lens-Artist Photo Challenge is Flights of Fancy,  which is hosted by Johnbo this week. 

I will start with photos that whispered “flight of fancy” to me:

ABOVE: Up, up, and away – a fancy visual flight

ABOVE: After many a flight of fancy – the feathers always settle

ABOVE: Fledglings dream of future flights of fancy – while growing in the nest.

Johnbo described “Flights of Fancy” in so many different ways and gave us many options.  I liked the Farlex Dictionary definition

  • Flight of Fancy can be an imaginative but impractical idea.
  • Flight of Fancy is a cliché that uses flight in the sense of a soaring imagination, a usage first recorded in 1668. Given this sense, fancy (also meaning imagination) makes the phrase somewhat redundant.
  • Oliver Goldsmith had the idea, if not the exact wording, in his poem “The Traveller” (1764):  “To men of other minds my fancy flies.” 

That line from Goldsmith’s Traveler poem led me to these next two images of travelers at the beach.

Above: Exhausted from so many flights of fancy, he crashed right there, in his beach chair

Above: Beam me up Scotty, I’m ready. I’ve been ready! Flights of Fancy take me away.

Let’s Close with a guitar solo – John Petrucci’s fancy take on “Flight of the Bumblebee” 

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61 thoughts on “Flights of Fancy (LA Photo Challenge, 31OCT2022)

    1. Hi Clive – what? Huh? I thought that music would be right up your ally! You seem to like such a wide variety
      But no worries – more John petrucci for us! Hahaha 🎸

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    1. Thanks for joining me with this post and my husband just saw that guitarist (and other dream theater members) live in concert this month in our town -at an old theatre calked The National – very talented musicians


  1. Nice photos of your flights! and the flight of the bumble bee has always been a favorite. This gives it new vibe! I have one question. Where is the transporter room? I would like to visit another galaxy!😄

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  2. I love the feather–definitely a flight of fancy!

    I have never heard Flight of the Bumblebee on a guitar. It is the iconic song for accomplished violinists, but I think this was harder. That was so amazing, Yvette. That’s my inspiration for the day.

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    1. Hi Marsha – my break is almost over and I will be back online soon! Thanks so much for checking – I look forward to connecting again soon
      And happy December !

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