Niacin Flushing

My experience with niacin flushing – all for educational purposes. 

1 — Niacin, or B-3, is one of the B vitamins and in the 1950s, Dr. Hoffer used niacin flushing as part of his therapeutic healing with his patients – Hoffer used vitamin therapy (and patients had to stop eating junk food and refined sugar items) as part of the orthomolecular healing protocol. There is a good documentary about Hoffer’s work – think it was made in early 90s – if I find it I will share a link – and the doc had interviews and testimonies from some of the original participants in his studies. I tried niacin flushing years ago and got so freaked out – I did not try it again for a whole year. I slowly started to do it once a week – and then sometimes I would spend a weekend taking small doses and having flushes as part f a health protocol. This month, I worked up to three a day in the last week of April. I will go back down to two a day, then one a day, and then maybe one 500 mg thrice a week. not sure – might keep taking one 500 mg capsule every day like many folks do. 

2  —Dr. Saul has carried the “niacin-flushing” torch and he has some great resources here – (Saul is also a huge supporter of taking Vitamin C in high doses – to bowel tolerance – to heal and stay strong).  

 Saul book snippet:

3) Here is what I have been doing this month (inspired by a health mentor of mine, named M. Joe, who also loves a product called DIM, which is made from cabbage)

  • I have been taking three capsules 3x a day. I worked up to this. Always take after a meal – and take with a warm cup of water (or tea) – because it helps. 
  •  I have already planned to go down to one capsule a day and then maybe back to 3x a week.
  • Benefits of flushing? It can help the immune system work better, and it flushes out toxins, heavy metals, and pathogens. It also calms. And remember – I had a lot of heavy metals and toxins to get rid of – so who knows how each person will experience it – we are all so similar but then so different from exposures and immune function over the years. 
  • If you feel like trying a niacin flush- I suggest buying the 500 mg capsules and start with one of those – the flush-free and timed-release versions do NOT have the same effect. Only use pure niacin.
  • Always take niacin after a meal and when you can relax at home to get used to it . Or empty half the capsule out and start with 250mg.
  • I like capsules best. The tablets from Whole Foods are “ok” but the Now brand capsules are my fav.

Reminder – just sharing for educational purposes and paying it forward in case someone else feels drawn to try niacin flushing for part of their health and healing while in home mode. I have edited this post three times to keep it from being too long – but there are a few more tidbits to share so maybe I will make a page to share later.