Hello Readers –  I am going to walk everyday for the rest of 2019.

That means 76 walks (countdown Here)

Sorryless (here) is walking out the year also and I wanted to see if anyone readers were up to the challenge?


Many of you might already know Linda Schaub, from WALKIN’, WRITIN’, WIT & WHIMSY blog – and because she is a dedicated walker – I asked her for some tips on walking. Even if you do not need tips (and I know there are athletes that follow this blog) but it can be SO enriching to hear someone’s story – and Linda’s experience was insightful. 


Q 1: Any tips for new walkers?

A: The best tip for newbies is MODERATION. Pace yourself.

I started out just a block at a time in 2011.

Moderation avoids shin splints and being out of commission for a while.


Q 2: What are some things you have learned from years of walking?

A: Things learned:

  • Always be mindful of your surroundings, especially if you walk in neighborhoods. I constantly have my eyes and ears in tune with my surroundings. People run out of the house, coffee cup in hand, kids in tow … they’re already late for work and dropping the kids off at school. They do not pay attention to me walking on the sidewalk or in the street.
  • I have learned to avoid the streets where there are big dogs – sure they are behind gates and fences, but they are not the family pets; they are there to protect their property and their interest in me is piqued as I walk by … I see their icy glare and it is frightening sometimes, even though I like dogs.
  • Leave your phone at home unless you are bringing it for the sole purpose of taking photos while you are on your walk.
  • Let your mind be a blank when you leave the house … leave any worries or concerns behind. Yes, pay attention to vehicles or trip-and-fall cracks or raised pavement as you walk along, but let this be a time to meditate, enjoy the fresh air, the sun on your head; it is up to you to make the most of your walking experience. Soon enough, you will be indoors again, whether it is home, or work, and back to the routine and mundane routine once again.


Q 3: How do you stay motivated for walking?

A: I stay motivated because:

I make a goal for myself each year … that goal is one more mile than the previous year. I always supersede that goal and that makes me happy. However, this year, egged on by fellow bloggers who are Canadian outdoors enthusiasts, they suggested I make my goal an even 2,000 km. This was 80 miles more than my intended goal.I agreed to do this when setting goals on January 1st, but we had a very long Winter which stretched into April, a very rainy Spring and a hot, humid and often rainy Summer and early Fall. I could not anticipate the weather, no more than I could anticipate all the house mishaps I had, necessitating contractors coming by for an emergency look-see, and then the install (garage door and water heater all within a few weeks) – that cut five days of walking time for me right there.

Any walks I missed due to  rain, were due to torrential rain events … not a little drizzle here or there. I bought several items of footwear to walk in the rain this year – fellow bloggers who run, suggested I get waterproof shoes, vinyl seamless boots and just go out in the rain anyway. This is because I bemoaned going out in the rain after taking the bus and dealing with inclement weather for so many years.

They said “change that channel of thinking to a new channel!”

I still hope to reach my goal of 2,000 km or 1,242 miles, but the days are shorter, the leaves will soon slicken up the roads and trails making walking a little dicey plus there is the dreaded black ice on the Park pathways near the Creek around late October


Q 4: How do you make up missed days?

A: Well, I have missed several walk days this year … if it rains in the morning, I go out in the evening (or afternoon if it is a work day). But I always have my pedometer on, and I have begun wearing it in the house as well. It is a small house, but as we transcend to Winter, I need all the steps I can, even though I prefer walking outside. I don’t own a treadmill, but have an exercise bike, but that doesn’t help step-wise. On the really hot and humid days I did laps at a large grocery store and doing a good-sized shopping can rack up four miles easily. I leave my cart in the one area of the store and run around and grab my items then schlepp bags in one at a time. Time consuming, yes … but it gives me more steps to add to my final goal.



So are you going to join in? Do you want to walk a little bit every day and countdown to 2020 together? Well we can still countdown together even you do not walk every day….

I am setting my goal to walk 20 minutes a day – I know that is not a lot – but feels like the perfect manageable number- making it a realistic and reachable goal.


I will check back in with this in November