FLOWERS on FRIDAY (Colorful Floral Connections to Life Situations)

Happy Friday Readers, After Monday’s Black and White flower photographs (here) and because it is raining today (much needed, but rather dreary) – thought it was time to share some flowers with color.  The fresh flower photos I took just yesterday seemed to have some emotional vibes to them. Maybe I was “primed” to see this in flowers because of … More FLOWERS on FRIDAY (Colorful Floral Connections to Life Situations)

Two-for-Tuesday: Single Chairs & Cassava Flour Tortilla (& Lady by the River 6 of 10)

Hello readers, April is here and it’s time to share about the Lady by the River book.  However, FIRST – We have TODAY’S TWO-4-TUESDAY Pictures Some chairs for Pull Up A Seat (here)   For Trent’s #Weeklysmile, this made me smile:   Now for today’s book share:   Lady by the River is a book … More Two-for-Tuesday: Single Chairs & Cassava Flour Tortilla (& Lady by the River 6 of 10)

Sunday Trees

Today’s Sunday Trees’ post started off with a few trees. First, a nice autumn silhouette: Then a tree from Virginia Beach: Then this from somewhere in rural Northwest Virginia.    Now my rabbit trail begins: Yesterday, Dawn, who happens to live in Northwest Virginia, corrected me on the location (Woodbine Farms here) for the pumpkin … More Sunday Trees

SLEEP (recent study)

On Friday night, I unexpectedly slept for 11 hours!  Now for my teenage boys this may be more norm, but I have not had that much sleep (at one time) in years.  When I awoke, I was reminded of the healing power of sleep – especially because my right ear was no longer bothering me! … More SLEEP (recent study)

More of summer…

Usually I welcome fall with open arms.  We indulge in fall soccer, new jackets, and seasonal lattes.  One year, I even bought jumbo pumpkins over Labor Day weekend and placed them on my porch as an early welcome to the transition of fall. But this year, I found myself yearning for a little more of … More More of summer…

Time Flies (poem)

Time flies You close your eyes – and six years have gone by. You open your eyes- to change, growth, and new ways Yet many things are not changed – same stuff- different day. However, as time flies…. our lives are lived.         often measured by what we give. Also  – by what … More Time Flies (poem)

Fiddler Jones

We have enjoyed many visitors this summer!  Two of the visitors (who came at separate times) made our house the last stop on their summer trips, which meant they were wiped out and exhausted when they arrived.  Their visits were still fun, but it reminded me about how vacations can take a toll – physically … More Fiddler Jones

Soda Poetry

Sometimes it blows me away to see how God always gives us the support we need to persevere.  A small, yet potent, example of his provisional care in my life came this past year while teaching bimonthly art classes.  Colleen and her family starting coming mid year – and their presence was like a refreshing glass … More Soda Poetry