Two-For-Tuesday Changing Seasons (Lady by the River Book, Authors, Pet-Love & Moonshine shot)

Hello Everyone -Combing this week’s “TwosDay” post with Su’s Changing Seasons April 2019. 

April 2019 was the Official Promotion Month for Lady by the River book (Official Book PAGE is here). The book did well on the Amazon seller’s list during the give-away days – but I am not going to elaborate on that because what  REALLY matters is the book itself – and the joy of getting it finished and shared. 

Sorry if any reader was worn out from ten-day book promo posts.  Appreciate the support.


Anna’s copies of the Lady by the River. The biggest thing to share about April 2019 as book promo month was how delightful it was to “finally” REACH the point of “being ready” to promote this uplifting, encouraging self-help resource. Sometimes a book needs work and the content is not ready – other times the editor is not ready – authors had edits – or the contributing editor wanted a new edition (winks). So to reach the point of having it ALL line up – finally – was a personal joy that is a top highlight of my life. That is a big claim – eh? Well it is true. And so if you are working on anything that has been “long in the works” – maybe I could encourage you today – to not give up – to keep chipping away – to get help if you need it – or to force a deadline and maybe make things happen – or to just pause and (try to) come back refreshed. Wherever you are at – take a deep breath, stabilize, smile, and maybe think of the arduous journey I had getting Lady by the River to the joyous promo month of April 2019. FINISHED ARRIVED. It came for me – perhaps a little late – but according to what timetable??? Maybe it was right on time for things we cannot see….  So come on – stay at it – do what you need – but don’t quit. It is okay if you have times with little or NOTHING to give – don’t feel all heavy about it. Problem solve and wait it out and then make a plan and get moving. Just “bite the wax tadpole.”



The top Priorhouse post for that April 2019 Lady by the River book promo – and for the month of April in general – was the post “BITE THE WAX TADPOLE: 5 Reasons I Like Blogging & Lady by the River 5 of 10(HERE). I created this  image (with the hungry tomato hornworm) to possibly share in an April book promo post, but it was never used. So here it is. Thanks again to Ali (here) for the “Bite the Wax Tadpole” phrase. Let’s live, people…Let’s stay a little hungry and enjoy our life for the good, bad, and the ugly – and the delicious. It is the only life we have so let’s embrace it and extract what’s good. 
Here is another image I did not get to share in April. Actually took the photo to show Su the paper straws. Nice. Also wanted to show Ally Bean this beverage because she has shared this month about martinis and spritzers…. 🙂 – I think this was my third time trying moonshine – I know I have tried it once or twice before – not sure- either way – the Swift Creek bartenders served Bell Isle Moonshine mixed in with limeade. Such a clever drink to serve at the musical “Bright Star” – and hubs and I decided to just share one – it was REALLY STRONG. 

 Some comfortable couches for PULL UP A SEAT (week 17). Speaking of Ally (with that moonshine image) she also noted how often museum chairs are not always comfy or inviting (I agree) – and so today – my friends – I have two comfy couches (it is TWOS-DAY after all) – I invite all of you to join us on these comfy couches (not all at once tho) -and it looks like vino is on the menu instead of moonshine. 
April is also a commemorative month at Priorhouse. Both of our dear doggies passed away in the month of April. Commodore Cody (golden) passed in 2016 and Sir Steven Paul (black) passed in 2018. Cody’s passing was the hardest for me (so unexpected) and Steve’s was more of a relief because we were ready – his health took a huge decline his final year. The bloggers that come to mind for their sweet support with Cody’s passing are YC, Mahesh, and Bushboy.  I first met Bushboy because of his beautiful Rooster photography (here) which connected to my post (here). Thanks again to them and to all of you who interact and bring your presence and essence to the blogosphere. 




Speaking of dogs, I have had this fun dog-walking photo collecting digital dust (from America on Coffee – here).  I do miss having dogs, but thankfully other people’s pets and pet posts bring some pet love our way. 🙂  Also, In April 2019, I submitted my first entry into Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch 99-word Flash Fiction challenge (here).  I follow many bloggers who write for Charli’s weekly flash challenge (i.e. Sherri Matthews, Kelvin Knight, Robbie, Nora, Miriam, etc.) and so finally getting to join in  was a gift. Ahhhhh. Also, Charli Mills is a very special author. I have a post brewing to share some thoughts about her – this gem of a writer. In the meantime, next I will share two stuffed animal photos from April that also connect to authors. 


April’s Rhino image for author Tish Farrell. I shared this image in the April lens-artists #40 post (here). The reason I am sharing it here is because this still cracks me up. One day I was doing some work and started laughing, asking myself, “Did I really put a photo of Tish Farrell in the eye of a Rhino?”  I sure did. And isn’t this the kind of stuff that keeps life fun. Isn’t this what we call “biting the wax tadpole” – just doing what we do…. It sure is.
This stuffed animal image is for author Trent (here). Trent shared that he is currently reading Snoopy comics and so when I saw this stuffed animal with the Easter 2019 wares – it made me think of him. I submit it for his weekly smile this week. That reminds me of this week’s comics… ready?


Comic #1: This comic reminded me of Trent – and all writers – HOWEVER, it also reminded me of the Paris Fashion Show I was able to go to this month! I enjoyed seeing the crazy clothes –  Um, well I mean —  I joined Alison at  a PARIS Fashion show through her blog post (here). Merci, Alison. And do check it out because it is a fun post. 

Comic #2 for TWOS-DAY

Song for the month of April 2019

“Don’t Stop the Rock” was my jam of the month.

I was a little more than halfway through the Lady by the River promo posts. Prepping the next one and felt all that “finally here at promo time” joy.

Then…. Youtube picked this song to play – (how do I thank “AI” ha).

As it played – I realized I knew the song from the 80’s – butI have not heard it in forever – almost wasn’t sure if I knew it….  – and then…  it led to a happy dance (I have not had many true happy dances in my life – even though I do like to dance – this was different). Right there in the office – bustin’ some ugly “white-girl” moves –  the spirt was high and I also released a lot of sitting tension. Oh dear Lord, thank you for April 2019. Thanks be to God for the many wonderful gifts amidst life’s setbacks and delays. 


Care to join in with the Changing Seasons?

Go  here for Su’s entry and more info. 

That is all for April 2019.

Thanks for reading (or skimming) and see you again in May. 















26 thoughts on “Two-For-Tuesday Changing Seasons (Lady by the River Book, Authors, Pet-Love & Moonshine shot)

  1. That is one big hungry worm… Loosing fur babies is never easy – we still think of them years later, And yes, a bit of Snoopy is always good. I hope my writing isn’t quite like that, but I am in the middle of editing 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hi – t
      And yes – that hornworm (And two more that week) destroyed the cherry tomato plants and the pepper plants – hungry soon to be moths!
      – and best wishes with your editing

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree! Congratulations! The book sounds great, right up my professional alley. I will put it on my kindle! Can’t wait. I also enjoyed your ‘bite the wax tadpole’ post. I’ve always appreciated your philosophy on blogging. Your connecting point resonates most with me. It’s why I will still come back and stay in contact with some special folk even when I’m not actively posting. What a cool phenomenon to feel that way after a month or so! Thank you for that. Your tribute to your sweet canine family loses made me tear-up a bit. We lost our feline child of twenty years last July. She was old and I knew it was inevitable, but it was still a terribly traumatic loss. I can only imagine losing two and one unexpectedly. But it is beautiful how close we can feel with these animals, isn’t it? I think we are so lucky to know that kind of connection – and to truly know these individual, unique, and amazing personalities. Thank you for sharing their stories.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the comment L.
      And sorry for your loss last July – oh wow – 20 years of cat-love and they are family members.
      The unexpected passing of Cody – well the blogger Mahesh Nair (you will like him a lot when and if you two connect – and you might find some shared commonalities – he is also taking long blog pauses to work on Writing projects) anyhow – he just happened to be available the week Cody passed and we were texting back and forth – and I went to work with my husband twice that week – it was weird –
      And Cody was my favorite and we were so “tight” – he was super smart and the year before he passed he started placing his paw on my foot (of a crossed leg) when i would journal –
      It was this connection –
      And quick story – we never bought gravy train brand of dog food – but in 2007 we tried a big ol bag and it was when they had melamine in it and we had a friend whose dog died from it. Our dogs were strong pups at the time – but we later realized (and our vet suspected it too) that there was kidney damage back then but the dog food did not “take them out” because they were so young and did not have too much – something like that.
      But I am the better for having two pairs of dogs -but especially that second set- pet love for the soul!
      Thanks again for sharing and taking the time to read and comment
      – and best wishes with your projects 🙏💜🌸🙃


  3. Thanks for linking to my blog post. The Snoopy comic strip with snoopy as a writer reminds me of every 100 word essay I ever had to write in primary school. They say 100 words; they don’t say you can’t keep repeating the same words!! Thanks again. Enjoyed this post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That was funny Alison – lol
      And thank “you” again for bringing us to the fashion show this week –
      You rocked it from getting in to reviewing it – like pics of the goodie bags and chairs – the clothes of course –
      And the misc

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi YC – doing fine and will carry them there pups in my heart forever 💜
      Also -thanks for your general blog support via your comments and often “specific feedback” – I know I have said thanks before – but you really are a gift and having readership makes posts come alive – so ….
      many thanks to you my blog friend 🙏🤘🏼

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on the book. I love the Snoopy cartoon. Had a paper straw for the first time while in Philadelphia this last trip. It seemed a bit odd at first but worked well and felt fine after a short while.


    Liked by 2 people

  5. A lot of things here, so you published a self help book with other authors? I´ll have to take a look at it with my new cool super golden debit card.
    Beautiful dogs, I too had two dogs the same race that passed away about 3 years now. Quite fascinating how these animals do really become part of a human family.

    Love ya Mrs. Prior! Have a great day from CP1, and I am CP1, if not I´ll get jealous

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi CP ONE!
      And the book will be free to download again later this month – and if you email me your address I can send you a hard copy this summer –
      So email me –
      Okay – and also my comments on your blog might be going to spam or trash


    1. Oh I have been there and hope you get the back kinks out with one of your fun walks –
      And thanks for the visit (and challenge hosting) peace


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