Beach Treasures (Digging in the Archives #1)

Hello Readers

I hope everyone is having a nice start to July 2022.

Earlier this weekend I shared the July Priorhouse Interview with author Robbie Cheadle – Here

That is the last interview for a little while because for the rest of July I am posting “a little lighter” – and plan on digging into the Priorhouse archives – the goal is to share some older photos in a fresh way.

  • This is day one of “digging in the archives”
  • Today’s theme is beautiful beaches and treasures.

1) One of my favorite beaches: Destin, FL

Emerald green water in Destin

2) Next is a beachcomber looking for treasures

3) Sand Dune Vitality 

Sea Plants – like grasses and oats – need to be treasured for what they contribute to the ecosystem. These plants play an integral role in sand dune stabilization and they have protected status in Florida and along the Atlantic coast.  In some places you can see workers planting little seedlings in the dunes – they drive by on a little beach cart and drop them as they are going along.

4) Flowers for a Loved One

One afternoon we saw a bouquet of flowers washed up on the shore. I assumed that someone tossed them into the ocean in honor of a loved one.  It was a reflective time because the flowers looked so interesting as the waves pulled back. I wondered why they were there and if it was for a loved one? This reminded me to treasure and appreciate those we love because we never know when their number will be up (a phrase my dad often used as he said it was one’s time to die).

5) Creating Art on the Beach  

Even if this art piece is not a masterpiece (or treasure) – some artistic endeavors are about the process! Feeling the sand on your legs, sun on your back, and canvas resting on the thighs – for a beach lover – this can allow creativity to ebb and flow (maybe like the waves).

Sunday Stills Challenge = Beautofui Beaches 

LAPC = Treasures






36 thoughts on “Beach Treasures (Digging in the Archives #1)

  1. Love them all! We have been to Destin! Then in 2020 we went to Orange Beach, AL and Panama City Beach, FL. All of those beaches are amazing. This fall we are going to explore some Texas beaches! So beautiful 😍

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    1. Hi Lisa / the beaches you mentioned are on my list – esp the Alabama one!
      The first time we were in destin was for a wedding in 2004 and I thought it was “fine” but then going back again (we have family that moved there in 2018) and so it was then that I really appreciated the emerald coast ☀️😊🌊

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    1. Anne – thanks for the comment – and the photo only shows a few of the flowers – there was about 20+ little bunches and it had such a mood to them

      Hope you Have a nice day

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    1. Hi Robbie – we both will have to settle for virtual beach photos because no beach for us right now either !
      But some weather ☀️☀️☀️And family time so that is good
      Hope you have a great day too

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  2. Loved your post this week Yvette – some beautiful images and very thoughtful commentary.. Especially loved the flowers on the beach – they could have been there for SO many reasons but I smiled at your dad’s quote there!

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  3. Loved your post today again, Yvette. The little plants and plantdroppers? The flowers in the water…and you dad’s phrase. A contemplative and thoughtful piece. I seldom visit beaches – your images made me long for a visit.

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  4. This is a lovely beach and the sunset picture is just exquisite, as is the sandy beaches and emerald water. No wonder it is a favorite destination for you.


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